Friday, June 11, 2010

Busy Plains People….

image Despite having been diagnosed with the painful Plantar Fasciitis recently, I had a pretty good foot day today. Hubby has been walking three times a week and increased just recently from 1 mile to 1 1/2 miles. It’s really bothered my that I couldn’t go walking with him. Today I had a good day and went. I let him go ahead of me and I took my time. The wildflowers along the way were so pretty that I picked a bouquet! I picked some buttercups and daisies and Joe Pye Weed and Wild Flax and ferns of all types and more flowers I could not identify. I cheated and grabbed the above picture from Google, but take away the sunflowers and my bouquet is not far off! It really brightened my dining room! I am sore but it was worth it.

   My garden is coming along well. Not much to look at right now so I will hold off on the pictures until there is something significant to see. Hmmmm….am I getting picture taking lazy or what? Oh well. Speaking of gardens, one of the bloggers I stumbled upon recently has the coolest and I mean COOLEST scarecrow I have ever seen! Check it out at her blog….Penny's Art Room Blog …..don’t forget to check out the butterfly one before that! Awesome!

   Now wasn’t that cool? Don’t ya want to make one!?? I know!

   I smell roast chicken and rice pilaf coming from the other room…..and I am really hungry. Hubby is outside mowing the back 40 and it is just about dinner time. Obie is having a good week! He came out to my garden with me today and helped weed. Russell’s love to weed! I just say “Ok Obie dig…dig…dig a dig dig and he does. It’s their nature. They love to burrow in the ground and stick their noses right in there and get all dirty. Well here….I found one on the internet and this is what he does!…..

Yup…..that’s it….it’s really fun to watch as long as you don’t mind what he’s digging.

   Roast chicken is calling….be back soon with some pictures I hope!


Dawn said...

I hope you'll be feeling better soon. My garden is getting ahead of me, I need to get the newspaper out as all the weeds are growing quite fast with this rain.
I'm glad Obie is well, Tar is pouring on the anxiety bad, bad. Wanta trade?
What a hoot about that scarecrow!
Enjoy your chicken, tonight is pizza for us especially since we survived another school year! I have a senior! Ha! Too cool!

Eva Gallant said...

I had a bout with plantar fascitis once. I ended up having to have a cortisone shot in my heel. That was years ago, and since I've made it a point to wear really good sneakers if I'm going to be on my feet a lot. No problem since. Hope you feel better soon!

Shelia said...

Oh, Dear One! I'm so sorry to hear of your tootsie problems. Does that ever go away? Can you treat it? I don't really know anything about it. Glad you had a better day today!
Glad you were able to get outide and little Obie too! Well, glad for your hubby too! :)
Enjoy your dinner - my tiny mouth is watering!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Lori said...

I am sorry to hear about your foot pain. I have a sister that had this and I remember the horrible pain she experienced and how painful it was for her to walk.

I LOVE wild flowers...I think they are my most favorite flowers and so I asked my husband about planting a little garden of just wild flowers...we'll see about that...:)

We also have a gets bigger every year...:) but we love all the fresh veggies and love having extra's to share or can.

I want to thank you for taking time to write me today. Your words came to me as such a gift today. Thank you! I want to commend you for having the courage to quit smoking. I am so thankful you survived the heart attack and are here today to tell your story. Thank you for commenting on my blog so that I could find you here at your special place. God willing I will be back to visit you soon.

Once again thank you...I wish I could give you a hug! Love & hugs, Lori

jaz@octoberfarm said...

mmmmm...roast chicken. happy birthday to your daughter! jack russel's sure do love to dig. they also love to go down holes. we stayed in a B&B in gettysburg once and the owner said he lost his jack for a few days but could hear him barking deep in the bowels of the earth. he finally came out of an animal hole a few days later!

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