Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring Has Sprung…..

   It has been much warmer here in Maine than down south. My brother Art lives in Nashville and it has been one of the coldest winters on record there and yes they had snow too! For us, the snow is gone! No long melting of the snow and then chunks of ice here! Spring has sprung as far as I can see and I can see pretty far!


   I have stopped walking and going to cardio rehab temporarily because of my allergies, but that is getting better. On Monday, my friend Chandra and I are going to begin walking every morning, 1.1 miles, just like I did with my son recently. Of course my friend Obie will be going too! He needs the exercise!


   See how excited he got when I filled him in! While I was recuperating from my heart attack, I made several pillows, worked on a huge afghan I am trying to some day complete, made some new felt eyeglass cases, crocheted baby bootie moccasins and I have not shown you any of these things!Img43 I will take pictures tonight and share those with you hopefully tomorrow. Meanwhile, the air is smelling wonderful, now that I am nicotine free and I think I will go outside and enjoy it! heathercatface1 Hope you are all well and life is giving you everything you want or need. Be grateful for each day you have here on this planet.angelflyr Life is good. Oh and I am losing some weight finally. I went on a binge for a week and ate anything I wanted….it was great! Now I am back on track and you know what?…it’s ok…I actually am enjoying eating healthier…..I know…it sounds crazy but it’s true.image I love fresh veggies…especially roasted with olive oil and herbs and I really enjoy my salad each day.image You can do a lot with a salad. Aren’t these pictures pretty? It is reminding me of planting my garden and that is getting me excited!! It won’t be long folks, before farmer_hoe_garden_lg_wht I will be doing this! Whoooohoooo….can’t wait.



Eva Gallant said...

Did you hear? They actually opened NonSuch Golf Course this weekend. It's the earliest they've ever been able to open! I do hope spring is really here!

Elenka said...

Today was wonderful, wasn't it?
I don't have anything coming up out of the ground yet, but I have noticed the grass is starting to turn green in areas around Portland. Earliest I can recall. (Of course, in the past, the ground hasn't had the opportunity to turn green with all the snow on it! ) I'm loving this.
My husband goes to cardiac rehab, but he says there are only men there....
Hope you are doing well!!

Dawn said...

I loved today! We were in Poland and I found little snow there, we still have it but it won't be long now.

Far Side of Fifty said...

We still have lots of snow..lucky you..those are beautiful Springy! I am glad to hear that you are doing great! :)

Elenka said...

Yes, he goes to Scarborough, too. Early morning and all men. (One guy in his twenties!!)
Marcy's is on Free St. down the street from the Children's Museum, opposite side of the street. He's enjoying it.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

It was nice to see your sweet face a few posts ago. I am finding it difficult to keep up some days. Especially with visiting blogs. I seem to tire more easily.
I see that you also have had some health problems..
Also, I have the same trouble that you do when trying to visit some blogs and end up in "explorer" on something called "blank page" and have to turn off the computer and reboot. It's a pain. I'm just glad it was nothing more serious that you hadn't been by. :) Take care of yourself Debbie..we are headed for Portland in August for two weeks. Such a beautiful place and then off to the Island and all the wild blueberries we can eat. Husbands 99 year old mother lives in Bucks Harbor and we own a home there that we are trying to sell.

Debbie said...

Eva: Well I was wondering where I had heard that news!! OMG...just yesterday I was telling my son that! He works at a golf course in Portland that will be opening on the 19th of March...can you believe it? Thanks for stopping in!
Elenka:...I wish those were my crocuses! I stole that photo from the net.:( I was the only woman at one time at the rehab and hated that. I will be going back soon...probably next week. How does he like it??
Dawn:...Poland???? You were right next door to me!! You should have called and stopped by!!
FSOF: Thanks Connie...doing well finally. I ought to be...I'm on enough damned pills to choke a horse!!
Elenka:...Thanks for the info. I must get into the city and check out some of these restaurants!!
Mona:...Thanks for stopping in! I think our internet problems are not the same but they are still a pain eh? I agree that it is hard getting around to everyone. You have so many more than me to get to! You should call me when you are in Maine and we can have lunch! I will have to look up Bucks Harbor...not sure where that one is? Too bad you have to sell the property up here. Will you still come up?

Shelia said...

Hi Debbie! Oh, I'm glad you have sunshine now! I'm so proud of you and what you're doing. Walking is just the best. Sorry about your allergies though, I have those too and every time the wind blows - my head pounds! Ugh!
Loosing weight too? Oh, I'm jealous! You've really made a life change and I know some changes had to be hard but you stuck with it!
Now, I'd gladly come and work in your home, but I'm afraid we'd be playing so much and having fun not much would get done! :)
Continue to do good!
be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Writing Without Periods! said...

What a happy blog. It's beautiful. I wish I could say spring has sprung here...but it's cold.

Anonymous said...

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