Thursday, March 11, 2010

A tour of my room…..


   As promised, I went upstairs and took some photos of my pillows and some of the crafts I have been working on this winter. I am not very good at this but it’s been a lot of fun. Above is my catch all little attic closet where everything is crammed in right now until I come up with a better system! It stores a lot of my craft bags and an old vacuum and many other items I can’t seem to find a home for. I thought i would take you on a little tour of my favorite things in my room while showing you my crafts I have been working on. I will start with the fleece eyeglass cases….one done and one almost done…DSC04583 this one is done…DSC04584 and this one needs a button.

DSC04585 they were a lot of fun to make….don’t look too close….they are prototypes! Here are the pillows I made…DSC04589

this is a fairly long bed pillow. I created many designs for this one….a cat, trees, a guitar, a mitten, to name a few….it is my favorite…DSC04590 DSC04591

Here are some close ups…..

DSC04595 guitar and heart………DSC04596 tree and butterfly. All of the material in each craft I got at a yard sale and I cut it to fit. The guitar and cat pattern came from two cookie cutters I have had for years. I just traced them. The rest are free hand as you can probably tell!! Then I took matching colors of yarn and braided it and surrounded the outside of the pillow with it. Next is my sunflower pillow…I made a similar one of these for my sister in law for xmas and she loved it…..DSC04597 ,,,the center is all buttons….

DSC04598 my sister in laws is much nicer than this one. The back of this one has a heart….DSC04599 ….DSC04600 and the same material is sewn around the outside. My next pillow is a more modern approach…circles and squares….I never know how it is going to come out until I start it….

DSC04601 I ended up putting old lace on this to cover up some bad stitching and I don’t like that part.

DSC04602 Here’s a close up….DSC04603 You can really tell it is homemade in this photo! Very uneven….I am learning as I go….all by hand but someone did just give me a sewing machine….now to figure out how to use it! Here is my attempt at a Victorian patchwork pillow with yard sale material and broken jewelry from …..???….you guessed it….yard sales!!DSC04605 This took me a long time to do.

DSC04606 I love this green/red sunflower….DSC04607

That yellow is supposed to be a God’s Eye. I also was teaching myself to embroider!DSC04608 More teaching!DSC04609 And lots of old buttons from yard sales. What a great way to recycle huh?

DSC04610 I was attempting a pattern on the bottom left there but forget what it is called?DSC04611 This was just so much fun. I’d love to make another one some day but they are definitely time consuming!

Being bored out of my mind I started cocheting some baby booties. I modified the pattern to make them look more like Indian moccasins….well kind of. DSC04613 I braided two colored and one white piece of yarn and threaded it through each bootie for a lace that looked decorative and worked to lace up as well.DSC04614 I don’t know why but I love these little booties! I think I need grandchildren!DSC04615 These came out bigger and taller and not right but I still love them.


DSC04616DSC04617 This is my favorite picture of the maroon variegated.

DSC04618 Now as promised, some photos of my favorite things in my room upstairs…..DSC04619 My room is in transition but this is a little area I made in honor of my dad, who was a musician. The Martin guitar is one my husband surprised me with on my 50th birthday….before I opened it, I thought it was an ironing board!….that’s another story. I love it….it plays like a dream. The little table has a ukulele on it that belonged to my husbands grandfather. My dad played one and taught my brothers and I to play when we were kids. The sheet music in front of it is a song my dad wrote and had published years ago. It’s called Arizona Moon.DSC04620 I can hear him playing it and my mom singing it now….love that song. There is also an African Shakere gourd instrument, old tapes from the 50’s of us kids at xmas singing and here’s a photo of my dad and his brother and sister when he was little hanging on the wall…DSC04621 That’s him on the far left….he was the youngest and the cutest don’t ya think? Next is my old spice rack that I painted a pinkish color and now use for old thread.DSC04622 These are do-dads I have picked up here and there and will use some day in projects…DSC04623 My button collection is getting thin…

DSC04624I have some lovely mother of pearl white ones in that mason jar. The jar on the far right is very old and I got it for .50 at a yard sale….what a deal huh?DSC04625 On top of my little tv I keep up there is a ceramic and glass fairy lamp…not old….just adorable and battery operated! Next to that is an old dragonfly wood block printers stamp. You may not be able to see it. I came across a box of these one time and not knowing what they were only grabbed one! I could have just died once I got home and figured it all out! The card is from a girlfriend and it is one of my favorites.

DSC04626Here is the beautiful painting my mother in law painted for me probably 2 years ago now…still not framed!!! Sorry Alice!! I adore it! There is another pillow I made too.DSC04627 Another yard sale find….a lamp that looks old but isn’t. I have to find some globes for it so for now it holds my pink stuff!DSC04628 An old tablecloth is being used for the curtain until I can find what I want.DSC04629 This is a cheap old bookcase my parents had. I painted it and put all my favorite things on it. They all tell a story. This is an antique bureau I love with glass knobs on it. It holds most of my yarn and my material I use to craft with. On top are pincushions I have made. I am very proud of the bird ones. They have real badger feathers on them!

DSC04630 The antique lamp is from a yard sale as is the mirror below it and the glass shoes that have buttons in them. See the eyeball pincushion in front? That’s the only one I made. Behind that are two bottlecap pincushions….those are fun to make.DSC04631 More yard sale finds….depression candlestick is lovely but has a small crack in the top….I love it still!DSC04632 Not a very clear picture but this is my little closet corner. The wicker chair was given to me by my brother and sister in law before moving to Nashville. I painted it with two different colors of green. It needs a redo. More pillows I have made are in it. Above that is a yard sale mirror. On the floor is a little homemade Adirondack chair I found at the dump. I sanded it and painted it and guess what is sitting in the chair?? Why those are handmade Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls made by our own Dawn from C & G Designs!!! She had a giveaway and I won!!! How lucky am I???? I love those dolls….they are a permanent fixture in my room now. And last but not least is a photo that is near and dear to my heart that hangs on the wall.  It is one taken of my kids when they were very little.,,,,,

DSC04090 They were raising hell one day and I snapped this of them. They were supposed to be getting dressed and they kept chasing each other around the house. What a wonderful moment captured in time that I will never forget. Ok…..that’s my tour!! I love having my own room to just go and sit in and call my own. I will be changing it quite a bit soon to accommodate my kids when they come to stay the night. It needs a couple of twin beds I guess and more of the comforts of a spare bedroom. Do you have a room of your own???


Eva Gallant said...

Thanks for the tour! I absolutely love those little booties!

Evansmom said...

You are very crafty! Thanks for sharing.

Dawn said...

Oh my goodness! What beautiful things! And I love your pillows they are very pretty and I can tell....alot of work. I adore your room and it makes me long for mine!

Debbie said...

Eva:....Oh I love those too!...thanks.
Evansmom:...Wow...thanks for the compliment...I don't think so because I am so critical! It's nice to hear though.
Dawn:...Well...coming from you that is really something! I hope you have a room some day of your own. I had to wait until my kids were grown and gone for'll get one!! Thanks so much.

Shelia said...

HI Debbie! Oh, I've so enjoyed my tour! Look at all you've been doing! Your pillows are just wonderful and I love all your pretty stitching! The Victorian patchwork is my favorite and I thought you were going to say it was an olden one! It's beautiful!
I'm so glad you bought some faux flowers! Debbie, you're just a jewel and I thank you so much for your precious comments to me. You've touched my heart!
You are a sweetie,

Elenka said...

That's not a room, it's a museum!
Have you guys had lunch yet?

Debbie said...

Sheila:...You are too kind my friend!! Thanks a bunch...always a pleasure when you pop in!! I love it!
Elenka:...No we haven't yet. I think the girls are waiting on me!? A museum?? Are you serious??

Six Feet Under Blog said...

Love the booties the best!

Kathleen said...

How lucky am I, to have friends like you? I am trying to get back in the loop, and thank you for your sweet comments. All that crafting! Are you trying to keep up with Dawn? Your pillows are beautiful, I especially like the Victorian pillow. Really enjoyed the tour of your room. Highlights for me included the music shrine to your Dad, your gorgeous vintage white bureau, and how you organize your crafting supplies. You've given me some ideas, which I plan to implement. And Yes, call me, and let's make definite plans. Sounds like we could all use some girl talk and lunch! Thanks, big hugs, Kathleen

Debbie said...

Six Feet Under:...Thanks for stopping by and I love those too. I think I really need grandchildren soon but don't tell my kids that!
Kathleen:...Oh Kath you are so darned kind. I've missed you so much. Please don't ever feel like you cannot express how you feel on the blogs. You have many friends out there that care and I am one of them. I don't think I could hold a candle to Dawn's crafting!! You mentioned my shrine to my dad and my bureau...those are two of my faves too. I wish the room was bigger and I have a lot more to do in there.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

great blog! love your pillows. just signed on to follow. when you have time drop by mine and enter the giveaway. i post one each week!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i have always made my baked beans from scratch, using dried beans and all of that. but a few months ago i found a recipe that called for canned beans. i was very skeptical but tried it anyway. OMG...they were the best baked beans i ever had. if you are interested in the recipe let me know. it is on my sidebar somewhere. i think there are 3 bean recipes on there but the canned one is the very best! if you can't find it i will hunt it down.

Debbie said...

Jaz....thanks so much! I will come by as often as I can. I love the idea of that bean recipe and would love to have it. I will be by this weekend to see if I can find it...thanks again...Love meeting a new blog buddie!

Shelia said...

Hi Debbie and thank you for your sweet encouraging words about our little Grand Daughter!
I hope you're continuing to feel better!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

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