Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Got An Award!!!


  Hey girls….I got an award!! It’s called the Gorgeous Blogger Award and it was given to me by my good friend Dawn from C&G Design …….Check her out….she has a wonderful blog filled with crafting and family and gardening and she is a master at all of them! Thanks Dawn….it is much appreciated! What I am supposed to do is list 6 things about myself and then pass this award on to 6 other people. Here are 6 things about myself.

1. I am deathly afraid of lunar moths and can go into a frenzy pretty quickly if I don’t get away from them….crazy I know.  Especially if one happens to fly into my car…. I have to stop and get out!

2. I absolutely love, love, love, Christmas! I always have and probably always will. I love everything about it. I think it is the one time of year that everyone seems to be generous and giving and loving and full of humanity. I just wish it lasted all year. I try to soak it all up during the season!

3. I lost my first child when I was 22 years old and 5 1/2 months pregnant. I found out I had an incompetent cervix as a result of my mom taking a drug to prevent HER from having miscarriages. It was very hard and some day I will meet  my little girl Dahlia in heaven. As a result of finding this out, I was able to have two healthy children after that. They gave me a purse string stitch, with each pregnancy and then took it out before I gave birth.

4. I’m a sugar addict! I love candy and just about any kind. I am especially addicted to fire balls. I always have a dish full of them in my house. I keep them in my purse and the cars. I think it was all that penny candy as a kid that got me started!

5. I was in a gun powder explosion when I was in my early twenties. I was at a party and we had all been drinking. One of the tenants loaded his own shotgun shells. There was a bag of gunpowder under a table, unbeknownst to all of us there. A cigarette ash fell onto it and boom! I was in the hospital for 10 days, along with two other friends, and out of work for months. An FBI agent visited me in hospital, asking questions about the explosion.

6. My all time favorite song in the world is called “Don’t Play That Song For Me” by Aretha Franklin. Here is an old video of her doing it….. It gets me going like nothing else!

Ok….I guess that’s 6! Now…..I need to list 6 people that I want to give this award to… here goes!!

1. DownEast Doing Stuff

2. Note Songs

3. Smart Mouth Broad

4. Wrestling With Retirement

5. My Little Cottage In The Making

6. Kitschen Pink

Thanks Dawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):)


Dawn said...

Oh my goodness! I knew about your loss, I think now as I did then, you were very brave to resolve and go on to have 2 healthly kids! Also,Do you wonder about those with the gunpowder? I would. What they did with their lives and so on. I'm glad your ok now. Hospitals are tramatic.
Your welcome, Debbie!

Shelia said...

HI Debbie! Congratulations on your award! It was great reading a little more about you. I appreciate so much you thinking of me, but I don't accept awards or tags anymore. I don't mean to sound ungrateful because I really to appreciate you!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Eva Gallant said...

Thank you sooooo much!

Kathleen said...

Debbie, I see you've been keeping all the good stories about yourself a secret till now. It's crazy the stuff we do when we are young. And that she the Queen of crafting or what? I will be in touch. Hugs, Kathleen

Kitschen Pink said...

What a treat! Very kind of you to pass it on - I shall try and think of six things but nothing I can think of (or could reveal) would compare! t.xx

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Fun to learn new things about you, Debbie! Congrats on your award. You are a gorgeous blogger. I am honored to be included in your list. Thanks so much.

Debbie said...

Dawn:....Aweeee...thanks my friend. It was such a hard thing to go through...I was crying, my mom was and even the doctor was. Funny you should ask about those friends in the explosion....I have wondered a LOT over the years about them. It was a guy and a girl. The guy was not badly burned but the girl was and also had rheumatoid arthritis even at twenty something! I wish I knew where they lived.
Sheila:...Oh don't give it another thought! Glad you stopped by!
Eva:...Your welcome!! Can't wait to see your 6!!!
Kathleen:...Oh I have plenty more secrets!! Ha ha...and apparently after reading "your six" do you my friend!! Ha ha
Kitschen Pink:....Can't wait to see what you come up with!
Smart Mouth:...Oh you are welcome! You definitely ARE a gorgeous blogger and I know you will come up with some interesting things about yourself!!

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