Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I’ve Been Mousing Around……


I’ve been busy making mouse pincushions from fabrics I acquired at a yard sale a couple of years ago. I am trying different designs and materials. I got the pattern online and here it is if you are interested.

               Mouse Pincushion Pattern

They are quick and fun to make. Most of the eyeballs are made from a broken necklace I got at another yard sale. I just color the center with a permanent marker. The ears are black felt. Some I like and others…not so much….but it’s been fun trying different methods. My next experiment will be giving them a little collar or some bling.

DSC04490 Here are some close ups of the animal print one.DSC04492 His nose is a little too hairy!DSC04493 The tails  and whiskers are black cotton twine of some sort….not a big fan of this type though….I need to find something else to use. DSC04494 Here’s  one without whiskers….kind of looks nekked! DSC04495 I like the lines in the fabric though.DSC04496 The little guy to his left is kind of cute. The fabric is a leaf pattern…..well take a closer look…..DSC04497 It’s such a soft fabric and I love the leaf detail.DSC04498 When you are not able to cinch the fabric together at the bummie, you can stitch a round piece in there, like I did here. Actually….most ALL of them I had to do this with!

DSC04499 I also do not have the whiskers the way I like them…still working on the prototype! DSC04500 Here are a bunch of them sniffing out some of my fabric pieces! DSC04501 The red one was an experiment with brass eyes….again, broken jewelry, and the one on the far left has that cotton black string for eyes. I made him last year.The blue plaid one has beads down his back and I absolutely hate the look of it but will probably give it to a little one….they won’t mind a bit!!DSC04502 Here’s the animal print above, with pins stuck all through him…ouch! I also am crocheting some purses…..this one is for a little 10 year old girl. My friend’s daughter……DSC04506 Front and DSC04507 back.

I am working on an afghan too….same one for 2 years now! It’s big! I am sewing a lap blanket out of scrap material and am making more purses. I plan on going to some of the local craft fairs starting up around here and hopefully getting some more ideas on crafts for the holidays! What fun things are you all making >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>???

Do tell!!!!debby04


Eva Gallant said...

Love the mice! So cute. What a lot of work!

Dawn said...

You have been busy! I love the mice, I can't get enough ideas about cute littl pincushions.
Beautiful purse! What 10 year old would love to have!?@#!
I finally got the groove back for projects, I lost it there for awhile, I don't like that!

Lisa T. said...

Hi Debby,

I just found your blog through the New England Blog thingy---love your litle mices! Cute-cute-cute!


Anonymous said...

Your adorable mice pin-cushions are a 'must have'! And not only for needles and pins but for knick-knacks and for cheese-serving dishes and for Christmas-tree ornaments, refrigerator-door attachments ... The list goes on!
Whoever gets one of your mice will love it!
Love, GeeGee

Shelia said...

Hi Debbie! Oh, the little mouseys are so precious!
Thank you so much for your visit and all the sweet words to me. I appreciate you so much, Dear One.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Love that little purse! Your comment came through just fine. I am sorry you had a problem. I rarely use Firefox or IE.. they are so slow. Google Chrome is the browser to use...you will love it! :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I seem to have lost my desire to craft..but then I see these little sweeties...and I think..hmmmm... :)

woody said...

Your mice are very nice and it was even nicer to have you visit on Friday sew that is my comment for today. Happy mouse makin.

Anonymous said...

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Have Fun

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