Monday, May 17, 2010

Updates On The Plains….

image Things are moving along at a good clip, over here on Blueberry Plains. Enough so, that I thought I ought to update you all! Some good….some not so good I am afraid.

1. Hubby had a Nuclear Stress Test and the results were inconclusive. Next, they set him up with a Dye Test and that finally showed us what we needed to know. He has a 40 percent blockage in the back ride side of his heart. That’s really not a problem they said. The rest of his heart was good! So…what’s causing the pressure in the center of his chest when exercising? They don’t really know for sure. It could be small blood vessels, reacting to the body, not being used to exercise. What we do know, is that it is NOT his heart and that’s good news. He came home from having the test that night, and while sitting in a rocking chair, he felt something strange in his groin/thigh area. What happened, was that a blood clot let go through the insertion site. It filled up an area in his thigh with blood and then began some swelling….quite a bit actually….of blood and swelling both. Back to the hospital we went per order of the cardiologist the next day. They performed a sonogram on the swollen area. They wanted to make sure the entry site where they administered the dye injection was sealed, and it was. Back home we went, and he is to rest with no lifting or strenuous activity for a few days. The swelling is now coming down and he’s doing much better! Phew!heathercatface1

2. Obie had a series of days where he was doing much better. We have him on new pills and for a few days he seemed to be doing great. He is up and down. He still seems to get confused and ends up peeing in front of the door or elsewhere every 3 or 4 days even if we are here! When we leave we have to crate him. Honestly I don’t know what we are going to do. My cousin makes doggie diapers out of cloth. Do I want to go that route? I honestly don’t know. The vet wants us to write everything down that’s happening this week and call him with the results. I am doing that. At what point do you cut bait and call it quits with this kind of thing? It’s a really hard decision to make. On the one hand, he is ruining rugs and I am constantly cleaning up after him and disinfecting floors. On the other hand, he does not appear REALLY sick! I will continue to pray and will have to make a decision soon. Yesterday, I was really tired so I took a cat nap. Hubby was resting in the recliner playing an xbox game. I could hear Obie pacing in the kitchen somewhat. I hollered to hubby to alert him. In the past he would bark to go out. Hubby got out there and there was a huge puddle on the floor….no barking to alert us. That’s the kind of thing we are dealing with…..even if we take him out many, many times a day. Pray for Obie. obiedeck

3. The plans for the fund raiser are coming along so well!! We have close to 20 items that have been donated for the auction so far! People have been very generous. An Italian bakery in Portland sent 500.00 cash to my younger brother just  yesterday!! Can you believe it? We have many restaurant gift certificates, car detailing, bird feeders, drill set, a glass art necklace, rounds of golf from 2 courses, and many area checks that were sent directly to my brother in Nashville and to the rest of us for him. This has all been quite overwhelming for my brother and his wife. They don’t know how to feel about people giving them so much. They are extremely grateful though. It has been quite a spiritual experience for them. The folks in Nashville have been amazing. There are leagues of people going out and helping one another there. The stories are endless and ones you won’t hear about on the news. Kids emptying their piggy banks and going door to door offering to help. People that survived Katrina and ended up moving to Nashville going house to house with van loads of food. Ministers and their parishioners helping people rebuild for free….the real deal….not some fly by night group trying to make money off you, because there are plenty of those types there too!

   It has been extremely emotional for them. I was on the phone with my brother the other day when he pulled into his driveway. I heard him say… “Oh my God” and I asked what was wrong? “Oh Debbie…it’s just so unbelievable to see this place like this. It’s such a mess.” They lost a lot but they have their lives.

image001 Here are a few pictures of the rebuilding and gutting of the inside of the house.image001  image003image002

It’s a lot of work gutting a house from the inside and starting over. I think this is the kitchen above but am not really sure. Each room starts to look the same. The stress is starting to get to them both, despite the wonderful help they are getting there. They are staying with my nephew Adam and his wife Carey until they can find a house to lease short term while rebuilding. To make matters worse, my sister in law Amy lost her job one month before this happened! Ugggg….not good timing at all! Please keep them in your prayers my friends….thanks.:)




Kathleen said...

Debbie, I am so glad to hear your husband is doing well. Poor Obie. I had a German Shepherd with a skin condition. She would scratch and scratch...and leave blood and oozy stuff on my bed, the couch, etc. I finally had her euthanized...I couldn't afford the vet bills, or keep up with the mess. It broke my heart. I still dream about her at times, and wonder if I should have done more. It's a hard decision. I simply cannot imagine the devastation your brother is dealing with. Even with all the help, he must be feeling such a loss. I am going to set aside more than a few minutes to pray for you and your have a lot going on. You are in my thoughts, and I am sendiing my love,

Hugs, Kathleen

Dawn said...

Oh Debbie, I gasped when the pictures scrolled up. Such distruction for everyone.
I'm glad your husband has done well with his test. The area in the vein could be a serious bleed, I would of rush that moment no matter hubs protest. Thank goodness it wasn't a problem.
Obie, such hard choices. Our salesman gave us a bucket of vet pills that have glucosmine in it for Tar. He had to put his retriever down on Saturday, finally sucumb to old age and had internal bleeding. I just wanted to hug him, so sad, so hard.

Debbie said...

Thank you my loyal friends Kathleen and Dawn for your kind words and prayers!! You two are the greatest!!

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