Monday, May 10, 2010

Family & Friends Come Together…..

The last time I wrote there was a lot going on in our lives over here on the plains. There still is, but much of it more positive than before. My brother in law is home and doing much better for now. My husband had both his stress tests and we will find out the results today. Obie has been on new meds and is almost back to normal. We will be talking to the vet today about that because he took his last pill this morning. My brother in Nashville is rebuilding. His house had to be gutted from the inside after the terrible flood and we are having a fund raiser!!!

After spending many, many hours on the telephone with area businesses trying to find a place to do this, I finally remembered that my niece owned one of them! My niece Karen and her husband Robert, own a gold course in North Yarmouth, called Toddy Brook Golf course. Here’s a link to the lovely course….Toddy Brook Golf Course I gave her a call. After a few hours I got a call back….yes we can use the club for a fund raiser!! Yes!! I already had a band that said they would play. The name of the band is Misspent Youth and some of the members play at the Port Hole each year with us! So….we got the band, the club, and now what? Well….now we are planning to have a live auction and raffle during the event, that will be held on May 22nd from 7:00 to 11:00. My husband and my brother have already donated a gift certificate to their businesses and we have more coming in. I have some raffle items and will be getting more. It is coming together nicely!!

Some of my brother in Nashville’s classmates have called and donated money to help them rebuild. My older brother is in charge of that. We have had many calls from friends and family who are willing to help in any way they can. It’s been great. Thank you all for your kind words here in the blog. I will be away for a while from the blogs for a couple of weeks getting this together. I will take photos and share with you all!! When my brother went through this flood, he was babysitting his neighbors two dogs. My brother has two dogs as well that are both Jack Russell's. One of my brother’s dogs is named Ziggy and he is Obie’s brother. When they got ready to evacuate, the water was up to the steps of their home. They had to wade through and get the dogs off the steps and into the car. Here is a photo that he sent me yesterday… (5) Poor babies! It was so confusing for them and my poor brother and his wife with 4 dogs to look after!

flood4 This is their back yard and that is their barn!!

flood13 Here’s the front of their home…..unbelievable!! Please keep them in your prayers as well as all the other misplaced folks down there. Thank you.


Dawn said...

And you said I'm busy....what a nice sis you are! You are going to be hopping for awhile, I admire you for taking on such a large gathering. I'm worried about planing Madame's moving on ceremony from 6th grade! Good luck with the test results, hoping for the best.

Eva Gallant said...

How awful! Good luck with the fundraiser!

Kathleen said...

Debbie, isn't it great when family and friends come together to help and heal. To know your family is there, is a wonderful gift. I hope the benefit is a great success.I hope your husband's test results are favorable. Those poor pups on the doorsteps.....guess they didn't want to swim. I cannot believe the devestation in Nashville. How quickly we can remember we are not in control of things, when nature takes over.
All of you are in my prayers.

luv, and hugs, Kathleen

Debbie said...

DAWN:...Thanks for stopping in. You ARE busy!! I am having a lot of help on this one. GeeGee does keep telling me to SLOW down though! I am happy to help in some way.:)
EVA:...Hey thanks a lot for coming by and for caring. We will all be fine. I'll be by your place soon my friend!
KATHLEEN:...It IS wonderful when family and friends come together! What an outpouring of help we have gotten already. My brother Denny is getting checks in the mail and so is my brother in Nashville! Did I mention that my brother Denny is taking his camper down there after memorial day and doing all the wiring for free! He'll be there a week! Thanks Kath for your prayers and I am so glad you liked those nuns!! ha ha

Shelia said...

Hi Debbie! Oh, how wonderful you're getting the fund raiser going for your brother. Bless their hearts! So glad to know folks are so willing to help others out during these tragic times. So many folks here have lost so much from Hurricane Ike two years ago - some have never gotten back into their homes yet. We were so blessed and I don't take 'home' for granted one bit.
Hope your hubby's test come back with good results and glad little Obie is doing good.
How are you doing, Debbie? I hope you're feeling well too.
Have a great weekend and good luck in planning your fundraiser.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

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