Friday, April 23, 2010

The Diabetic Dog….



   Obie has been showing signs of something being wrong, off and on,  for the past week. Life over here on the plains has been quite busy and today is finally the day we try to solve what’s happening with him. My house has been partially under construction. Hubby and I have had doctor’s appointments galore, and I had the pleasure of spending a day with Dawn and her daughter Nikki from C & G Design!!

She is the kindest, most wonderful mother and lady, and Nikki is a beautiful, talented child that any mother would be proud to call their daughter! We had a lot of fun especially since we brought my mother in law Alice along! She is a riot. More on that at another time….but trust me….it was a blast!! Dawn and Nikki are super nice people and I can’t wait to see them again!

   Obie has had a leaky bladder. Here and there he leaks and sometimes it is more than that. We are doing a lot of mopping and bleaching! One night he’s good and the next he’s up all night going outside. Today is my day to catch a cup of urine to take to the vets. Have you ever chased a dog around the yard with a plastic drinking cup trying to catch some of the yellow stuff?? Unfortunately, he had gone out so many times, he had none left!! Any other time I would be mopping it up lately! But oh not when I needed it to fill a cup! Arggggg!! Ok….so I ended up with 1/2 teaspoon and some dribbles… that enough?? I call the vet. “How much of it do I need?”….I ask. “You need about 2 tablespoons”….they say. So….I am playing the waiting game now…..I wait until his bladder fills up and I can catch a cup of the stuff later on.image He had a urinary track infection about a month ago and was on meds for 2 weeks twice a day. Now I don’t know what it is? He is fine one night and sleeps right through (I don’t) and then the next night he is wandering around and needs to go out. Last night my husband got home before me. I looked in the window and saw him mopping the kitchen floor and all the rugs were on my deck. I had taken Obie out twice before I left and it was only 2 hours later. I also had only left about a 1/2 cup of water in the bowl for him. I am wondering now if he is having kidney failure. He is on 10 milliliters of insulin twice a day. He gets no snacks but he eats a measured amount of food twice a day and has a plain rawhide to chew on, which is allowed. Poor Obie….yesterday was his tenth birthday!! My brother who lives in Nashville, has Obie’s brother Ziggy and he left a message on our machine wishing Obie a happy birthday yesterday. He also has another Jack Russell named Zoe. Here is a recent picture of the two of them…photo (8) That’s Zoe on the left and Ziggy on the right. Don’t he and Obie look alike? Ziggy has a dot on top of his head and a larger one on his back….so cute. Well….it is time to try and catch some more of that yellow stuff. Wish me luck. I hope our Obie is alright. It’s so hard when you have an animal that you love. They are just like kids. I can’t imagine life without Obie and don’t even want to think about it but I may have to start. I will talk to the vet today and write more when I know. Meanwhile I hope all of your loving pets are well….



Dawn said...

Hi Debbie, I was a plesure meeting you and Gee Gee also! What a nice day, all the fun stuff going on. Nikki enjoyed it too, she was pooped!
I hope Obie will be doing better, it's tough. THEY ARE family members. Tartarus goes through this squeaking during the night, every fall and spring. He feels with the time change...people aren't where they are surposed to be. We get up with the kids for school but not at dawn!

Kathleen said...

Poor Obie, My heart goes out to you and your baby. Hopefully the vet will let you know what is going on. I deeply regret not going down to Gray. I appreciate your phone message, and your sweet email. I am just so embarassed. And I am not quite myself, either. Thank you for all your support, and concern. It means the world to me. Let me know how Obie makes out. Hugs, Kathleen

Eva Gallant said...

This is why I refuse to have any more pets. You get so attached to them, and when they have medical problems, it's as expensive as for yourself. The last one we had was a lovable cat. He devoloped some kind of blockage; the vet said surgery would run around $1000 and he couldn't guarantee that he could fix the problem. We ended up having the cat euthanized. I cried my eyes out and said "no more!'

West Side of Straight said...

Oh I hate it when our pets age. Our JR is 8 now and you just wish they could talk when they're not feeling well. Praying that the vet will have good answers for you. Have a good weekend.

Elenka said...

OMG Debbie. I hope it's something they can fix with meds, poor baby. I hope these animals know how much they are loved, cause we sure know it.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I love Obie! What a gentle, people-loving and precious Jack Russell he is! I am so sorry that he is have problems and is in my prayers to St. Assisi ... But am I sad for him? Not when he has such a devoted and caring Mistress!
LOL when reading about the urine specimen! Even now I can't type w/out bursting into 'sound-blasting'laughter! I heard that your actions had stopped traffic and was being monitored by a low-flying helicopters that drew crowds from afar. Reporters and camera-men were beating feet to get to you.
I was going to visit and offer my help but I'm a born-again Catholic Christian and, well, you know how that is!
Oh, yes, next time we go to Cole Farms, could you wear a vail?
Love, GeeGee

Debbie said...

Thank you everyone for being so concerned about Obie. He is still not out of the woods, but back on amoxcillin for now. I will update soon. I so appreciate your comments. are right about the cost! It's terrible what they charge. We may have to make some serious decisions soon. It is gut wrenching.

Shelia said...

Oh, poor little Obie. Sorry to hear about his health problems! Hopefully he can get taken care of and will get to feeling better soon. Now you've really painted a picture about trying to catch some dog pee! :)
Glad you popped in to see me. You're a dear!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

jaz@octoberfarm said...

hi debbie....shhhhh...don't tell your daughter but send me your address and i will send you the dragonfly box. it can be a surprise for her and i would love my box to spend it's life in my favorite state of maine rather than sitting in my basement!!!! i hope things go well for obie! my sister just developed type 1 and now has to inject herself several times a day. my email is in my profile on my blog! if you have any problems just leave a comment on my blog. joyce

penny patten said...

Best wishes for Obie!

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