Saturday, April 10, 2010

Still Alive & Kicking…..


Well we got through Easter and we all had a great time. I was so busy I did not get many photos. My mother in law got some, so, the Easter file for 2010 will not be empty. The kids were tired after going to separate gatherings the night before and were “under the weather”….well that’s probably a nice way of saying HUNGOVER!! Yup….MY kids…can you imagine?? Well…I guess I was probably doing some of that when I was 25 and 27….oh well. I did get a photo of my son Kyle reluctantly cutting the ham….easter6 poor baby had a slight headache….awe….that’ll teach him! Then my daughter kept going outside to sit in the sun with her guitar…easter7 What mom?!….I am just trying to get some sun! Can’t Kyle help you with that!?easter8 What? Did you hear my phone ringing? Note the water bottle on the table….trying to rehydrate the brain…Oh I teased the two of them!! All and all we had fun. By the end of the day she was playing and singing Bobby McGee. It was also hubby’s 49th birthday!!

I thought I would show you the latest things I have been working on and what a friend of mine gave me recently!!! My friend Chandra’s grandmother died recently. I never met her but I am told she was the sweetest woman and loved to sew. My friend Chandra does not like to sew. She mentioned she had a little bit of embroidery thread from her grandmother she wanted to give me. I wanted her to keep it or hand it down to her girls but none of them wanted it. This is what I came home with!…..thread1 These nine containers plus two more I gave away to my mother in law Alice on Easter. I tried to get her to take more but she wouldn’t!

thread2 Can you believe it? She neatly organized her colors into these plastic containers.thread3 All the colors of the rainbow and then some. A couple had little sewing dodads and material as well.thread4 Those browns and golds always come in handy for branches or twigs and such.thread5 thread6 thread7 She even had a small container of variegated thread that is very pretty above labeled.thread8 Here is what they look like with the lids off. What color!!thread9 Deep rich tones and those purples are to die for!thread10 Love those passion pinks.thread11 This one above is an odd lot with quite a few pieces of metallic thread….very nice.thread12

Here is the variegated above….gorgeous….every one of them!thread13 And last but not least the blues and grays.And lastly she had a coca cola tin, filled with Dresdan Plate cutouts and a Dresdan pattern. That should be fun to learn how to quilt that? Boy do I feel lucky!! I don’t think I will be buying any thread for a while….what do you think? I am going to have to do something really special for my friend. I have already given her many things, made her things and so on but this was really kind. I’ll think of something special. Meanwhile, while recuperating from my heart attack that I had the day after Christmas, I have been trying new crafts. OH OH OH!!!….NEWSFLASH!!!!!! Just thought I would toot my horn here a little more than I already am….sorry… is ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE (105) days without a cigarette today!!!! Yay!!!! What a flipping miracle that is now let me tell you. I absolutely LOVED to smoke! Now…..I eat too much and continue to constantly diet. I’ll get there eventually. I am also trying to walk a mile at least 3 times a week and plan on increasing that. Hubby is starting to walk with me but a wrench got thrown into that….more on that at another time. So here’s some of the crap I am trying to make…..Different kinds of needle cases….for pins and needles too. needles1All done by hand so don’t look too close. It’s my first attempt. The blue floral one is not done. The one that says needles is my first and closes with a pink ribbon.needles2 All but one are lined and of course have material sewn in to hold the pins and needles sort of like pages in a book. Some are embroidered a bit. My husband had some spare velcro so I did the one in the top left with that. In my travels, I picked up an old button box that had a snap gizmo that applied snaps. The one at top right closes with a snap. Bottom left has the pink ribbon and bottom right is unfinished.needles3 Got a little carried away with these pages but don’t the pins look cool as a flower center?

needles4I lined this with a striped material and sewed a floral material on one of these pages….I think it looks stupid….my father in law liked it!needles5 The idea was a flower pot on the left and a square to put scissors in on the right….needs some work.needles6 Close ups of some of the others….needles7 Inside of the velcro one.needles8 Outside says pins and needles. Hubby said I should have embroidered “Don’t Walk On” The back side of it!!needles9 This one is the pink ribbon closure. I sewed a little piece of pink felt on either side on the inside to hide the ribbon. No lining on this one.needles10 …And here’s the outside.

Next….I took a bunch of old earrings and buttons and glued some magnets on them.magnets1 The light blue, the gold, and the pink ball one and earrings…the rest are old buttons. I had no magnets when taking this photo in my room so I put them on my bird house handle!!magnets2 It gives you an idea of what I mean I think!magnets3 Here they are turned over. So don’t ever pass up ONE earring at a yard sale again!!magnets4 When you can recycle it into a magnet!! And last but not least, I made my first hat. Not perfect but kind of cute and it’s a child’s size….maybe for a 8 to 10 year old? hat1 It is sooooo soft you wouldn’t believe it! I just love holding it!hat2 hat3 Not too shabby for a novice crochet person! So that’s what I have been up to lately………Be back soon. I know Dawn….it took me long enough to show you what I got!!! Arggggggheathercatface1


Shelia said...

Hi Debbie! Loved seeing your children! Now how wonderful to receive all of the embroidery thread! Wow! She was really organized, wasn't she? You've been busy haven't you? Love all of the things you've been doing.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Dawn said...

Hi Debbie, Oh my Lord...that's a lot of thread, she must of LOVED to embroider. But, oh my Lord.
Your needle books are coming right along and they look great, so does that cute little hat! I love the depth of the colors! That makes it look even softer. You have been busy! Great idea for the magnets, I'm so disapointed I had to give my magnets up when we bought stainless steel (dreadful to clean) for the kitchen. If I had to do it all over again, I'd take the magnets!

Debbie said...

Sheila:...Thanks so much Sheila! I will be along soon to visit you. Thank you for popping in when you are so very busy!! Warms my heart.
Dawn:...I knew that would get your attention!! You are the kind of person who loves this type of thing and especially a deal! are the GW queen! I guess I will never live that one down now will I??? Ha ha..

Eva Gallant said...

Wow! That's a truckload of thread! But how pretty it looks; so many colors!

Kathleen said...

Congratulations on 105 days without smoking. Way to go Debbie!! You are doing a terrific job. I love your needle cases. I might try to attempt making some myself. Right now I am doing counted cross-stitch embroidery full steam. Loving it! All that thread....that's a lot of money in that thread. What a wonderful gift. Anxious to get together in a couple weeks. I plan to briing my appetite. Hugs, Kathleen

Debbie said...

Eva:...Yes,,I love the colors!
Kathleen:...Thanks my friend!! I need encouragement about that smoking...I still have the mental craving once in a while. Can't wait to see you and Dawn and Alice is very excited too! We'll have a blast! Oh all means, bring your appetite and your shopping legs! I am hoping to find some great deals. Can't wait to meet you the date gets close I will call you or email or both!!

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