Friday, October 5, 2012



Recently, someone wrote me and asked if I was alright since I had not blogged since June!! Well….that prompted me to pop in here and let you all know I am just fine….and thanks for asking (Dawn!!). Life has just gotten in the way….that’s all. A few bumps in the road of life….nothing to do with me but all is good now…for the time being. A couple weeks ago I picked up those wonderful Cortland apples above and made an awesome apple crumb pie!! Here are a couple photos……DSC08411

DSC08413…hopefully you can enlarge them because it is so gooey looking….with crunchy cinnamon chunks that got on the outside of the dish….Oh my was this good!! What made this even yummier were a couple of new ingredients I normally don’t use. I added a little maple syrup inside and a drizzle of honey outside (on top). That’s part of the reason it’s so gooey good looking! My favorite time of year has arrived….finally… “sigh”…it was a long and hot summer and I am sooooo over it!! Bring on the fall!!!

I’ve been working on a pillow for my daughter Carissa, that will go with the blanket I made for her for Christmas last year. Do you remember the blankets I made for my kids? Here’s a blast from the past picture…..kyle carissa blanketsThat’s the two of them holding their blankets.kyle carissa mom2This was the opening of them. See the Mary Jane candy on the table? My daughter LOVES that candy. It was in her stocking. So…here is the pillow I am working on to go with the blanket………….DSC08417

DSC08418DSC08419 All of these materials are in her blanket. I’ll show you the pillow when it is finished. It will have a lavender fleece back and white satin edges….just like the blanket.

I hope you are all enjoying your fall and survived the summer weather. Heck…some of you might even like that hot weather?? Not sure what that’s about but I won’t judge you!! Ha ha….just kidding! Smile I will try and get by to visit you all. Meanwhile….my two new addictions are and doing genealogy when I can!!HIbera


Beansieleigh said...

Oh, great minds think alike! I just made three apple crumb pies, and they're not lasting very long around here! Dear Son LOVES them. (And of course, to be perfectly honest, I do too! So some of the blame there must be directed towards myself! ha! ha!)... Your blankets look beautiful, and I'd love to see the pillow when you're done making it. Enjoy your Columbus Day Weekend! ~tina

Eva Gallant said...

I'm glad fall is here, too. The pies look delicious. I've been promising my husband I'd make one for a week now, and he's frothing at the mouth! lol

vesselsmemories said...

Hi Debbie,
So happy to hear from you, that you are doing well :) We've also had many family issues this past year, too many...won't go in to that right now, but for me blogging is a way to just rid my mind of all those issues, to concentrate on "happy" things for an hour or so a day. I'm not a big walker, and I don't I work on the blog. I have several in the making and do have to get them published! We went to the Sandwich Fair yesterday, it was our first time going there. I entered a few photos for fun, I've never entered a photo in a contest at a fair.
I pop in here often, I love your blog :) The blankets are beautiful, can't wait to see the pillow. You are quite the crafter, your work is lovely!
That pie looks pretty tasty, too! I've made two this fall (also my fav time of year) maybe I will post about my pie, too! Thanks for that idea :) Take care, your blogging friend, Dawn

Jean Merriman said...

Geez, I missed the new post for 2 days. Good to have one anyway. I need to call and catch up. The pillow will be wonderful and so pretty to go with the blanket. I also love fall but I think, as much as I like fall, spring has to be my favorite. I like waking up the garden rather than putting it to bed!

Debbie said...

Tina...Those pies sound good. Once you open up that avenue for fall yummy foods you can't shut it down! Well...that's probably just me!:(
Eva...Oh go ahead and make him a pie!! He deserves it I am sure!! Ha ha
Dawn...Great to hear from you! Can't wait to see your other blogs you are working on and always look forward to your wonderful photography. Oh yes! can blog about anything and someone will be able to get something out of it. For me it is kind of like a journal...if I keep up with it which I don't! It's sometimes my only reference to certain things that have happened in my life. I will come in here and read something in my own blog I have forgotten in life! Keep it up Dawn!!
Jean...Good to hear from you! I am assuming by now you got my email and you talked to "your Dawn"?? Yes...let's catch up by phone! I have 2 very busy weeks coming up...after that, I will call you for sure. I love what you said about waking up the garden versus putting it to bed...very nice and a good point. Spring is a wonderful time of year...watching the trees bud and all the flowers pop're right!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i was really wondering where you had gone too! glad you are back! happy fall!!!

Debbie said...

Joyce...Oh I am so glad someone missed me!! and I are both happy with the weather right now!! Love it!!

Shelia said...

DEBBIE! Oh, how nice to hear from you and I've missed you. I was about to think you had left us. I know how life can get so busy and we need to do what we have to. Your pillows are going to be beautiful. That pie! Oh, my Lord! It looks so good.
Your words to me today just makes my heart melt. I appreciate you so much, Debbie, and thank you for your sweetness.
You are a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back - I remember trying to visit your last post a while back and being told it had a virus - but I looked at it just now and it was fine.

Debbie said...

Sheila...You're the sweet one! Don't ever let anyone get you down. You know who you are and so does God~..~
Jane...I one else mentioned that virus and my husband couldn't find it. I think it may have been an anonymous post?'s gone now, whatever it was!! I was just about to go to your is go!

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