Friday, October 12, 2012

Batting Down The Hatches…..

One down and one more to go. I finished Carissa’s pillow.DSC08421 If you have not followed this blog (and I don’t blame you if you haven’t) as I am not here much lately!! I mad my daughter Carissa and my son Kyle lap blankets for Christmas last year…see previous post. I don’t own a sewing machine and do everything by hand, so A. It takes longer and B. They don’t look as nice probably. Kind of puffy looking pillow but heck…it’s hand made!DSC08422DSC08423and the back matches her blanket which is lavender fleece…DSC08424a bit bumpy and uneven but that will fill in as she uses it. Now on to my son’s pillow. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

My brother Art and his wife Amy live in Nashville. They have had two Jack Russells for some time now. One of them is a brother to my Obie that we had to put down last year. His name is Ziggy. At some point when them moved to Nashville, they purchased another Russell…a female named Zoe. Just recently they got a third and she’s a doll. A pup named Magnolia….Maggie Mae is what they call her. You would think someone had a new baby….well…I guess THEY did!! Here are the 3 of them…Maggie Mae, Zoe, and Ziggy…Maggie Zoe and Ziggy!  (2)asking to come in. Have you ever see anything cuter??? One day,  Zoe dug a hole in the yard small enough for Maggie to get under the deck lattice but no one (11)I was told it took lots of dog biscuits and coaxing to finally get Maggie out! Maggie got a little muddy and was ready to come in…photo (12)which prompted my sister in law to give Maggie her first bath!! photo (14)And left her looking like an Alien Russell!! And before you know it, it was beddie-bye time…photo (16)Isn’t she just the sweetest thing you ever did see???

Did I tell you someone called and asked me if I would take a little bit of quilting batting and yarn and sewing stuff that her mother once had?? She’s been storing it for 10 years. Ok….she showed up and her entire car was filled!! I know I am foolish but this is what I lugged up to my craft room….DSC08429


DSC08431There are six giant tubs that are filled! Two with yarn….the rest with batting and I don’t know how to quilt! I will find a home for a lot of it. Those tubs are at least 3 feet long and a foot of more wide and tall….huge! There are other things in there too…material to sew with, brand new thread, a very large wooden oval hoop (for quilting?) and other odd things I cannot identify yet. Smile

There is also some poly stuffing. I used a small bag to fill Carissa’s pillow! So…it came in handy already. I wish you could have seen my husbands face when he saw all these! Yikes!SmileMaybe I need to learn to quilt?

While my sister in law is busy with those Russell's, my brother is fundraising in Nashville by playing some music….The Band from the 202 10-15-11_n (2)That’s him on the far right with the hat and plaid shirt. He really enjoys this kind of thing. 202 Gig October 15th 2011 (2)He’s exactly where he needs to be. Someday, I hope my husband and I can take a trip down to see all of this for ourselves….Smiledebbie22




Eva Gallant said...

It would be worth the trip to Nashville just to see those dogs! They are precious!

Jean Merriman said...

Wow that was a great windfall!! The totes alone are great!!

If you do go to Nashville you have to go the the Gaylord Center and hotel. It is amazing. Of all the things to see there I think that was my favorite and have been there 3 or 4 times but could go many, many more. You do not have to stay there as it is open to the public just to go and wander around. You could wander all day for many days and never see it all.

Debbie said...

Eva....I so enjoyed the daily photos I got of this new little pup and my nephew and niece dogs!! I can't wait to someday meet Maggie Mae!
Jean...I know! Wasn't that quite the mother-lode? I will find homes for a lot of it. I am looking forward to going to Nashville someday when we can afford it. I'll call you soon...busy week coming up. My friend Lori is coming home from Florida...thanks for popping in! Say hi to Dawn...

Kathy Shea Mormino said...
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