Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Temporary Setback And Marbles…..



Our carpenter and friend David fell from a 14 foot ladder last week. He hurt his shoulder and arm and is trying his best to take it easy. He’s not the sit still type! We are hoping he is feeling better and pain free soon. Meanwhile, we are on hold finishing up our kitchen. It’s frustrating but we’ll be fine. November 15th, our dining room floor will be sanded. It’s been probably 20 plus years since that has been done. It ‘s fairly small but a tricky one. There is a half round hearth that jots out onto the floor. We have a monitor heater on it that will be removed at 8:00 a.m. on the 15th by our monitor guy Ken. That will stay off the floor for 3 days, meaning we will have no heat…..well the sand guy Matt says he’s bringing a space heater….not exactly sure what that  is?  When the entire redo is done, I will share photos….instead of each step along the way. It’s just too slow right now. Sad smile

A friend of ours asked us if we would put some old marbles on Ebay for him. We used to do Ebay auctions all the time. We would purchase things from yard sales and put on an auction. I haven’t done it in a long time. So…I took a bunch of pictures of the marbles and put it on.  Here’s a link to it.    Marbles Auction    My Ebay name is Treasure-Keeper. I got hooked on it years ago when my cousin asked me to go to a yard sale with her. At that yard sale I found a rare Wendell August Forge Aluminum calendar plate inside an old barn. It had  a very muscular man forging iron and you could barely see him because of the drips of old paint all over him. I took it home and cleaned it up. I paid .15 for it and my cousin put it on Ebay for me. I went by her house when the auction was ready to close. We watched it together. She showed me how to hit the  “refresh” button to see if the bid had changed. That calendar plate went from 4.99 to 60.00 in a matter of minutes before it ended and I was hooked! That was the  reason my husband and I purchased a computer eventually! Now he rebuilds them! Weird huh?  Here’s a link to some lovely Wendell August Forge items they make today……Wendell August

So when my friend asked us to put those old marbles on for him, it brought back some cool memories. I have been getting together a bunch of stuff to put on my own auction. An old ouija board from the sixties, a vintage beaded purse…….and whatever else I come up with. I have too much stuff and it’s beginning to look like a yard sale in my house. It may take a couple of weeks to get together but it will be fun. Meanwhile we will be watching these……… And hoping they get some good bids. Our friend is called the marble man. He has been collecting for years. He claims these are worth one hundred dollars….we’ll see!



Mary at Deep South Dish said...

I never got into the ebay thing - too bad because I probably could make a dollar or two! I used to be fascinated with marbles - don't know why but I thought they were cool looking. I had absolutely no idea how to officially "play" marbles, but I thought they were neat.

Hope your carpenter is okay! I had a ladder fall a week or so ago myself. My ladder was much shorter - I was trimming my neighbors weed vines off the top of my privacy fence so I was standing on that top step - you know, the one that says do not stand here! :) Ladder collapsed and I fell into the garden, right into a rose bush I had fortunately just trimmed. :) Glad I didn't hurt myself bad though - at my age a fall is not a good thing.

Hope it's not too cold while you are without your heat! I used to keep a space heater under my desk at work. It doesn't get that cold here for very long, but for some reason cold hits my feet first and if my feet are cold, I'm cold!!

Hope you're having a great week!

Eva Gallant said...

The marbles are beautiful. It makes me wonder what ever happened to the ones I had as a kid. Is it complicated to put things up for auction on Ebay? I've often wondered.

Anonymous said...

Great Blog ... I'm sorry about David's fall - I'll say a prayer for him. What's this! No heat!Even for a sunny afternoon in mid-November it would be a challenge for human endurance. OMG! I hate the cold! It wraps itself around my bones like vipers from hell! Bring on the propane/kerosene heaters and electric blankets! Three cheers for you and Bob! Comes December - Maybe even as late as January, you and Bob will be in your recliners, warm and cozy-comfy, embraced by your lovely surroundings in your 'new' home! Can't beat that! Have a good week ... Love, GeeGee

Lori said...

I am sorry to hear that this man fell. I pray for a quick recovery for him. I cannot wait to see pictures of the final project being done. I will certainly do the happy dance for you. :)

Just seeing these marbles made me smile...brought back memories of playing marbles in elementary school during recess. I still think they are beautiful!

I have never even bid in ebay but have always wanted to...never have because I really don't understand it. :) Maybe if I took the time, I would huh? :)

Happy Tuesday! XX

Dawn said...

Oh Debbie, those marbles are beautiful! They should do well.
I need to think about EBay selling, Etsy is good but they can sit there for awhile. I usually get outbidded at the last moment so it would be nice to be on the other end.
I hope your carpenter feels better.

Debbie said...

Mary...Oh my goodness! It's a good thing it was a small ladder and that bush was trimmed! Glad you are alright. It's beginning to get chilly up here but I love it. The only time I don't is when it is below zero in the dead of winter! Thanks for coming by my friend!
Eva:...No not at all. If you decide you want to try Eva, let me know. Email me at debbe@maine.rr.com and I will give you some pointers.
Alice:...We'll be fine...a space heater I guess? What ever that is? I guess it must be an electric heater? Thanks for coming by my good friend!!
Lori:...Thanks!! Ebay is very easy. They like to complicate it but if you keep it simple than it works great. I would help you if you ever wanted to do it. I've been doing it for years. There is also a tutorial on site to show you what to do. Try it! You will be hooked too!! Thanks for coming by Lori!
Dawn:...Ebay would work for you too I think. Just search the categories for like items and see if they are selling? You never know. They have many choices now that they never had before. Talk to you soon!!

Claudia said...

I can see where listing on ebay could become addictive! I've considered it, but haven't done it up to this point.

I'm so sorry about your friend's fall. I hope he recovers quickly. I am so looking forward to seeing the finished redo.

I don't collect dress forms - I just want one. I want to hang pretty things from it and put vintage clothes on it!!


Shelia said...

Hi Debbie!! WAAAAAA!!!! OH, my goodness were we that close to you? You know I kept telling my husband that 'Debbie lives in Maine but I don't know where'! I kept thinking why didn't I ask you before we went off!! Well, I'll be kicking myself for some time. I would have loved to have met you in person!!

Sorry about your friend falling! Bless his heart and I hope he recovers very soon. Iknow your dining room floor will be beautiful!

I've bought a few things from Ebay but have never sold anything! Those are some olden looking marbles and I hope you get a good price for them.

I'm still kicking myself!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Debbie said...

Sheila:...You little devil you!! I would have LOVED to have met you my friend!! Please email me if you ever come to Maine again!!! It is debbe@maine.rr.com

Kathleen said...

Those are some very beautiful marbles.....I think your friend is right, they are worth plenty. I have just emailed you, to catch you up on what is going on with me. Thanks for staying in touch, even when I wasn't. I hope to do better. Luv and hugs, Kathleen

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