Monday, November 15, 2010

More Marbles…Black Ops….& Fables….

akro (11) Well our friend’s marbles did so well, he gave us some more to post on Ebay for him. I took the opportunity to put some of my own items on as well. Here’s a link to my auction…… Debbie's Auction  The purses I have had for some time. I have posted about them in the past. Since we are redoing the house, it has put me in the mood to downsize. The cups are from my childhood. I’ve been looking at them in my mom’s old china closet for years and I never use them. I had to empty the china closet last week so I could bring it upstairs to my room. It gave me a chance to  look at everything in there….and there’s a lot of stuff! So I will be adding some to the auction here and there.

Both my husband and I like to play video games….especially in the winter….it’s a long winter here in Maine. We ordered up two new ones. His is…

this game…..       image  and mine is……..this game……image    His is a shoot-em-up type game that I enjoy watching him play, and mine is a bit more like a legendary story I guess. We’ll have fun with them. My father and mother in law have Fable III too. We can actually jump in onto a game they are playing and play alongside! Isn’t that cool? They can do the same to us.

Obie is doing pretty good these days.obie1For those of you that do not know, he is diabetic. We give him insulin twice a day by injection and he is on a strict diet most of the time. That is so it does not mess with his blood sugar. No…no…no….we don’t want to mess with blood sugar….because the consequences are not good! It involves massive drinking of water and massive urinating and panting and hiccoughing. We’d rather not deal with any of that. So, we have adapted our lives to Obie’s new diabetic life. What’s new? We have two baby gates. Wherever we are, Obie is too and the gate goes in the doorway. This way, we can keep an eye on him if he needs to go to the bathroom. He stopped “asking” to go out about 6 months ago. Oh he’ll go to the door, but he won’t bark, and that doesn’t work for us in the middle of the night! The gate works great! We did have to add something else in the bedroom. We gated him in with us each night when we went to bed. That worked for a while. On the occasion that he had to pee in the middle of the night, we couldn’t hear him. Remember?….he stopped barking….so he peed once on the rug. After shampooing the rug and making it nice and clean once again, my husband had an idea??? Let’s put down some kind of plastic to protect the rug until we decide to pull up the rug and replace it someday. Like we need more renovating? So, as much as I hate it, we have temporary plastic in there on the floor. Guess what? He hasn’t peed there since we did that. Yay! The other dilemma we have with our furry friend is that he hates guns!! Nail guns, shot guns, rifles, anything that sounds like a gun! I am the doggie sitter when the carpenter comes. I have to take him out of the house and we go for rides…etc. That can get a little stressful at 9:00 at night. That’s when our carpenter comes sometimes. Obie and I will be glad when we are done….so will my husband.

Today our floors get sanded.   imageIt will take three days and four coats of poly. They will be done by Wednesday if all goes well. I’ll get pictures! We will be without heat. Our monitor heater happens to be on that floor so it has to come out this morning. The monitor guy is coming in about 45 minutes to do that.

Because of all of this, we are not having Thanksgiving here at home. It will be at my brother in law Joe’s home! Yay! He will make the turkey and the rest of us will bring the fixings! My mother in law makes the best peach/pork stuffing! We are looking forward to it. Hope you are all going to have a wonderful holiday.image


Lori said...

Oh my goodness you are one busy lady. That's what people say about me too and I say at least it keeps me out of trouble. I will have to go check out your auction site later when the little's are asleep. :) How nice that someone else is having Thanksgiving so you don't have that added pressure. :) It was nice catching up with you...hope you don't have too many more days of driving around while the carpenter works. :) I have a feeling you will be one happy lady when all of this is done. We have hard wood floors(the old kind) and I love them. We rented a sander thing which made it go faster but still hand to hand sand certain parts of it. Lots of work but so worth it.

Take care...sending you hugs and love from my part of the country. :) XX

Claudia said...

Oh, sweet Obie! I well understand the extra effort we put in to keep our little guys happy. The floors are looking good already - I can't wait to see the finished product.

Give little Obie a kiss for me.


Kathleen said...

That Obie has the cutest little face. How wonderful that you are taking such great care of him! He's a lucky boy.
I wish I was going to someone's house for Thansgiving...but I am going to bake and cook for me and my husband and anywhere from 1-3 other people. Can't wait to see the final pics of all yopur remodeling. I know it will look awesome.
Love, & Hugs

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