Friday, October 29, 2010

A Steady Rain……

Hello all…..I wrote this the other day and saved it….just random thoughts and thought I would put it in anyway….

imageThere is a steady rain here today. It’s dark and kind of dreary. One of those days when you want to just stoke a fire in the wood stove, or turn on your heat and curl up with a good book or a ball of yarn and a hook.

Obie got me up early this morning. Bobbie is still sleeping, which is good, because he is still not feeling well. He’s has a head and chest cold that won’t go away. It’s the cold that keeps on giving. It recycles itself. Last night I started noticing the catchy throat myself. I guess I’m getting it too.

image I can hear the buzzing from the bedroom, the sound of his rhythmic snores. When your nose is stuffed up and your chest is full, it’s hard to breath while sleeping. His mouth is doing the work. That quiet chain saw sound is comforting to me. I’ve been hearing that for almost 22 years now. I can’t imagine NOT hearing it. It used to bother me…now it is comforting. Isn’t that strange. Years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to sleep.

image I don’t think I would be able to sleep if he wasn’t here. There have only been a hand full of times in 22 years that we were not together at night and I couldn’t sleep. Can you sleep if your spouse is not with you? Maybe it’s me.

I was reading some of Claudia’s random thoughts over at Mockingbird Hill Cottage this morning. It got me thinking. There is something going on around the country that is very irritating to me. It happening with young girls and some women. When they speak, it sounds like they are asking a question? They used to call these people Valley Girls, in the 80’s. Is this the valley girl of today? Here is an example of what I mean, on a youtube video……

This girl has asked David Horowitz a question “Valley Girl Style”. It drives me crazy to hear people talking like this. The worst part of it is, if I am around someone speaking Valley girl for any length of time, my husband says I start talking like this too!! OMG…I like didn’t even know that! Ha ha….And you couldn’t even hear my valley girl accent….could you? So what’s up with this way of talking? Where did it come from? Paris Hilton? Where? There are so many women speaking Valley too! Come on ladies….what’s up with that! Very weird.

Yesterday, my son Kyle and his girlfriend Sarah came out for the day. They helped Bobbie and I get some work done here on the plains. My garden finally got put to bed and every last plant was dragged out and put into our big pile out back. We have an area where we put all of the leaves, pine needles and weeds and dead plants from my garden. Sarah and I did the garden and Kyle started on the leaves and pine needles on the front lawn. Then she joined him. They would fill a huge tarp and then drag it out back. They worked very hard. Here are some pictures they did not want me to take!DSC05063 That is a lot of leaves and pine needles. DSC05062 They work well together….although he tossed her into the pile at least twice! DSC05053Here we go……MUSH!! MUSH!! Come on mom!! Do you HAVE to take pictures of us doing this???DSC05054 Why YES son I do! DSC05055 Here Kyle….I’ll pull you AND the leaves.

DSC05056 DSC05057 That’s a heavy load. DSC05058 They are getting there! Just a little further to the right.DSC05059 What a great job they did!!! Yay!! And would you look at my beautiful garden all cleaned up by Sarah (and a little bit by me)….DSC05060 It’s all ready for next year.

What a great day. The day before, I made a huge spaghetti sauce with ribs and sausage and lots of veggies and garlic. After the kids came in and got all the leaves out of their underwear (Sarah…from Kyle dumping her in the leaves too many times!)…..they sat down and filled their plates with pasta and sauce and fresh salads and iced tea. It was 70 degrees and the most perfect day to do this in late October. Bobbie mowed and also helped with raking and removal of logs and sticks. We got rid of 2 huge piles of brush a while back and now have a small, very neat pile, that we will burn soon. Obie and Kyle’s dog Katie enjoyed running around and playing. Obie did keep getting distracted by some strange critter hole. Jack Russell’s like to dig, and that he did. The problem was it was in front of the ramp going into our shed. I kept shooing him away and filling the hole and he kept coming back! The little devil was persistent! So……it was a great day and my yard is just about ready for winter. Bobbie and I are happy campers! Now if we can just get this construction done! debbie22


Eva Gallant said...

I can't stand the word "like" being repeated over and over again!

Mary at Deep South Dish said...

Love your random thoughts posts!

We have the leaf thing mostly in spring - my yard is full of oaks and that's when they shed. I goes on for awhile so it's a lot of leaf raking and though you look like you have a lot of land around you, it's also when my very close by suburban neighbors decide to burn and make me suffer for a month! Can't open the windows and enjoy the nice spring weather or else your house fills up with smoke! Drives me crazy.

Lori said...

I think we get used to going to sleep a certain way so after awhile it's just our normal. My husband snores every now and then and it only drives me crazy if he moves really close to me and does it. :)

How nice that your son and his girlfriend came and helped like this. Isn't it wonderful to have children like this? I do too and consider it such a blessing. I have a feeling you do too. :)

Your meal sounds so wonderful that I can almost smell it. :)

I was just wondering about you and your remodeling. Hope it's done soon!

Happy Weekend! XX

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