Thursday, October 14, 2010

October Flying By…….

image Hope you are all doing well. This month seems to be flying by quickly. That didn’t happen in the heat of July! We had a long and very dry summer here in the northeast. I am very grateful for the cool temperatures during my absolute favorite season….fall. Looking back at my blog entries from last year, I noticed we were under construction last July through October too! What the heck? We must love torture? No….just kidding. I am extremely grateful we can do it.

image Would you believe we are almost done….getting close. We love it so much, we decided to have our dining room floor re-sanded on Nov. 15!! I know….call us crazy…it’s alright! We will be without heat for 3 days. Our monitor heater is in that room and must be taken out. Pray for warm days! It’s ok….my husband thought ahead and we will be fine. The floor has looked pretty skuzzy for a while. It will be sanded right down and will get 3 coats of poly….one at a time…over 3 days time. What a treat! My kitchen and dining room floor too! It’ll feel like a new home!

image I still have not put my garden to bed….next week I’ll do that with some help. I did get all my popcorn ears taken out and they are beautiful! I made 4 swags with them. I’ll show you next time I post.

image So what do you all do for Halloween? Anything special? I used to have costume parties years ago….when my kids were very little. Then I focused on my kids going out trick or treating and what they would wear. Then they grew up and started going to their own parties. They I focused on handing out candy to the neighbor children. Then children stopped going trick or treating around here. Do you remember why children across the country stopped going out door to door? It was the apple razor blade scare. Remember that? Did you know that it is a myth? It’s an urban legend……read this….Poisoned Candy. I was shocked to find this out. Kids around here go to parties at schools and homes. A few will go out trick or treating. I’m not sure what they do in the city? What a shame that a myth caused all that fear. If I don’t make it back, have a wonderful end of October and …





Lori said...

I remember that big scare too but where I've lived kids have never stopped trick or treating. Some schools will hold parties and such but kids still trick or treat.

On the Friday before Halloween all the downtown businesses and even some homes on the main street have a 3 hour time period for kids to trick or treat so we take the little one's to do that. Then on Halloween, depending on the day, we go around to people we know and around our neighborhood. We still get trick or treaters too which the little one's really enjoy seeing too.

Good luck with the finishing touches of your will be just like having a new house! Cool!

Eva Gallant said...

I love your old-fashioned Halloween cards. They are wonderful! woo hoo for new floors. I'm sure you love them when they are done. We still get a few trick or treaters.

Dawn said...

Debbie, We have the ''blue light'' project. That's where a neighborhood (ours is the ritziest) is picked for t+t but patrolled by the police. It's kinda nice.

Anonymous said...

... A 'delicious' blog, my friend! Wonderful old pictures and tasty-treat writing ... OMG! Your home! Absolutely lovely at present but awesome when the 'new-do' is completed. It'll be like moving into a brand new home! I am so very impressed! Please, more photos! Much love to you and Bob ... GeeGee/Mother

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