Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Season Is Ending……


I took some photos of my garden today. It looks more like September out there and I am not sure why? Everything except for the tomatoes is winding down now. DSC04886 It still looks big and overgrown and that is something I will not do next year.DSC04887 The regular corn above is tasseling out but looking spindly to me. The popcorn has the coolest colored tassels that the camera cannot do justice. Here are a few photos of the colors and I am assuming the popcorn will be the same color but not sure? That is IF it develops at all! DSC04892 DSC04893 DSC04894 

DSC04896 That one above is what they look like when they first start forming. The colors are bold, then they fade. The above one is a deep burgundy and the photo above that is pink.DSC04884 My sweet peppers on the deck are late and some just start to fruit and fall off.



DSC04888Pumpkins and gourds are doing well. The pumpkin above it quite large and probably weighs between 8 and 10 pounds. DSC04891

DSC04900 This small gourd is hanging from my sunflowers. It is cream colored on the top half and a light green on the bottom half. Cool huh?DSC04901   Baby pumpkins and gourds amongst the corn above.

DSC04902 Wasn’t I some excited to find a dumpling squash that actually made it!! Actually I found two so far! One is above and the other looks just like it only smaller.


DSC04905 I was beside myself when I found this Turks Turban gourd above!! DSC04906 I know these look like overgrown summer squash but I didn’t grow any summer squash so I am thinking these are gourds? I planted a mixture packet.DSC04907

DSC04908     A couple of green striped gourds… these.DSC04897 Sunflowers are just starting to open. They got heavily attacked by copper beetles this year.DSC04899 And the birds love to knock the petals off and get to the seeds!DSC04890 I made a mistake in growing these Roma tomatoes. I should have done more research. They are supposed to be great for making tomato paste. How mush tomato paste can one make?? Next year I will go back to the Brandywine. The ones that taste just like an Amato’s tomato in an Italian sandwich!! You Mainers know what I’m talking about!!

 DSC04889 I don’t know if you can see it amongst the weeds but that’s a butternut squash above. I have quite a few of those. That’s my favorite squash. I will cook and freeze some for the holidays. So…that’s it for now….until the harvest in a couple of weeks!!


Shelia said...

Hi Debbie! Oh, that's a beautiful photo of your sunflower!
I know you've enjoyed your garden veggies a lot! Is it still so hot here! Is the weather cooling down for you?
Hope you're feeling good.
Be a sweetie,

R. J. said...

Sunflowers are a favorite of mine. Your garden looks so wonderful and the shapes of the veggies are worth lots of photos. It is very interesting to watch gardens growing. Dinner at your house must be tasty.

Eva Gallant said...

Somehow, Amato's manages to get great tomatoes for their Italian sandwiches year round! Nice garden photos!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i am in my car on my way to mine to sneak into your garden and steal all of those pumpkins and gourds! catch me if you can!!! what you can do with the roma tomatoes is oven roast them. you don't even have to skin them. the recipe is on my sidebar. when they cool off just throw them in a food processor with a bunch of herbs from the garden. i also oven roast red peppers and throw them in to. then i put them in freezer ziplock bags and lay them flat in the freezer. they can be added to all kinds of things and are great spread on sandwiches. i have been making this every few days. it's almost like a tomato pesto!

Debbie said...

Sheila:....Thanks for coming by! I am feeling a bit better...been through some other stuff but on the mend. Thanks for asking. Love seeing your new kitchen!
R.J...You know...we have only eaten cukes this year so far. I didn't grow much that we could eat right now. Corn and squash will come next. Thanks for popping in!
Eva:...Oh yes! Amato's has always had the greatest tomatoes! I swear they must be the brandywines!!
Jaz;...Oh i wish!! It you could drive to my house, I would give you one or two of each!! Wouldn't that be fun!!!

Dawn said...

Debbie, Your garden looks wonderful! I love all the gourds and I never have any kind of luck with them.
Hubby bought the tomatos this year and he got roma too. They are so dry the only good thing they are for is paste. I'm keeping brandywine in mine for next year.
My pepperes did well this year but the corn is a bust except the baby corn for stir fry! We found one cantalope, surprise! TTYL
Oh, ps, are you going to make birdhouse gourds?

Lori said...

I love sunflowers...great pictures...have you thought of roasting your tomatoes? I roast mine with garlic, onion and whatever else I want to throw in...drizzle with some olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt and after roasting and then put in good!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

you are too funny!!! i still have mints in all of my purses but i quit eating candy years ago. however, i still need to see it. sometime ago i crossed the bridge between needing to eat it and just see that it is there. i still go into candy shops hen i travel and buy everything in the place but i never eat it...weird huh?

Debbie said...

Dawn:...Thanks! Oh you are so lucky to have a cantaloupe! I have never been able to grow those! Hope you are feeling alright.
Lori:...Thanks so much for the tip on the tomatoes. Jaz had mentioned that very same thing so I must try it now!
Jaz:...That's funny. I like to "see" candy too! It IS weird!!

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