Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Am Nine Today…Is That 63 In Human Years?


We have a little prompt on our computer with reminders of birthdays and events in the form of a pop up. That prompt started coming up late last night and it said…..8 hours until Obie’s 9th birthday….6 hours until Obie’s 9th birthday and so on. Today is here and it is our little Jack Russell, Obie’s 9th birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY OBIE!!!!! Obie has many names as I have blogged about in the past. My husband calls him Oricle Ass and Hydrochloric Acid (don’t ask!) and his other nicknames are Obie Wan Kenobi and Obie Dyer. The truth is, he got his name from my father Paul. My father had many nicknames growing up, but the one that stuck was Obie. My dad was in a play as a kid and the part he played was of an Obie Dyer. I don’t know the name of the play but Obie ended up with my dad’s nickname. My dad had passed and I think he would have loved that.obiebed2 Obie came from a litter that my cousin had. She owned two Jacks. Obie’s mom, Jill Russell (get it?) and his father, Guinness. Jill and Guinness had quite a litter of beautiful pups.Puppy 1 Obie was the only black and tan and white pup. There was another pup in that litter that had the cutest little brown dot on top of his head….see him on the left in the photo? That pup ended up with my brother and his family and his name is Ziggy. Ziggy and Obie got a chance to visit this summer when my brother came home from Nashville. My brother had purchased a playmate for Ziggy and her name is Zoe. It was quite a reunion for Zig and Obie and a first time meeting for Obie and Zoe. They had fun that day!vacation 136 See Ziggy big now and still sporting the dotted head on the left? There’s our beautiful Zoe with the pink bandana and Obie looking on.russells5 There was a lot of sniffing and territorial marking going on by the boys. They had a blast and got along great.vacation 126 Obie has been a wonderful dog and has the funniest little quirky things that he does that make him unique. We love him to death and hope he is around with us for a long time. He has made many friends over the years.MURPHY-OBIE Here he is with his friend Murphy. And his best friend Baby sitting by the heater.obiebaby Here are the brothers Ziggy and Obie at the big Music Fest Celebration of 2001 playing in the fest_129 That day was so much fun for them!! They were free to run and do what they pleased!music fest_130 Yup….it’s been a pretty good life and he’s got a great one ahead of him…..after all…..he’s a Russell and that energy never dies!! Obie got a birthday card from his brother Ziggy in Nashville, this morning, with many photos of the two of them raising hell together. So Happy Birthday Obie and Ziggy and all you other Russell brother and sisters wherever you are! We are celebrating your birthdays today! Happy 9th!!Project16 Notice how I blend in with that old carpet? That’s definitely my color!Project17 Is the camera focused? Can you see me?Project18 How’s this? Is that thing working?obie2 There we go……now you can see me can’t you? Are my nostril hairs showing? Are we done yet? HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG BOY AND I PROMISE TO GET YOU A SPECIAL TREAT LATER ON TODAY FOR YOUR BIG DAY!!puppy2 Love, Mom


Gaston Studio said...

He is SO adorable! What a great birthday tribute; it's obvious you love Obie very much.

dawn said...

Awww, Happy Birthday Obie!

Anonymous said...

Murphy sends happy birthday wishes to Obie and says thanks for posting her picture she just loves attention.

Kathleen said...

Oh Debbie, that precious, precious face. So cute...they don't come any cuter than Obie. I have loved Jack Russells since the days of Wishbone(tv for kids), I was a faithful viewer cause I loved him. Happy Birthday Obie!!! Thank you for your prayers, my hand is back 99%. Totatly healed, and just a little tender. Thank you for asking how i was doing, that was so sweet and so kind of you. You're in the give-away! I am so glad I met you my dear friend. Hugs, Kathleen

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Obie!
Obie is loved by all of us and is so joyful when company calls at his home. He loves people and animals and best of all, play and attention. How do I know? I'm his GeeGee!
Happy Birthday, Obie!

Shelia said...

Oh, Happy Birthday Obie! You sure are a cutie pie!
Debbie, thank you so much for your sweet words! I feel I've know you for a long time! Yes, it's amazing how fast we can get attached to each other in Blogland! I love it!
Thanks for popping in, Dear One!
I'll be back posting for real when I can finally get Mother's things put into her new apartment!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

OH NO! I missed the birthday! Where does time go? No matter...wish him a belated birthday from me. Ok? :)

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