Monday, May 21, 2012



      Mother’s day was awesome! My daughter brought me these gorgeous flowers and using my largest vase they were still very crowded. I have all but the roses left ….just beautiful to look at and the aroma..ou--lala! This was also an opportunity to meet the new boyfriend, Jamie….DSC07558 He is in 2 bands, plays the mandolin, guitar and not sure what else? His folks own a sign store in Brunswick…… called…. Carrot Signs …hopefully that link works. They are apparently old hippies, very nice, and he works there too. Carissa and he adore each other….I know it’s early, but I have a good feeling about these two!DSC07561 Aren’t they cute together? She is very nervous around him still….doesn’t want to screw this up I guess.

Let me tell you why I have a good feeling about it. They met a year ago while she was doing a promo for the company she works for and he was playing in one of his bands there. She was in a relationship at the time and says now that she was not happy. They spoke and felt a connection but she had a boyfriend. He had just ended a 7 year relationship a year before….the girl decided she didn’t want kids….and he does….apparently a deal breaker for him. Although they did not see each other for another year, he wrote a song about her. When they caught up again just before Easter, he had written two more. She’s been a vegetarian for some time….most of her boyfriends were not…..he is. She’s always said she did not want to have kids….now she does. I could go on but I guess just seeing the way they are together said it all for me. They are already talking about the future….and oh…did I mention he’s her age…well he’s 31 and she will be 30 next month….perfect.

DSC07556 My son came by in the morning and took me out to breakfast! His girlfriend Megan and her daughter Kaylin and her mom Joyce came too. Here’s a photo of my son…….

DSC07560and a photo of his girlfriend and her daughter….DSC07564.It was a good day. What’s been keeping me very busy is genealogy!! Oh my has that become my latest addiction! I am absolutely having fun with it though. I found out that I am related to a man by the name of Tristram Coffin. He even has a wikipedia page!! Here is it…. Tristram Coffin  …How cool is that? I think he is my 7th or 8th great grandfather. My dad’s mom was a Coffin. It’s a very old English name and they go back to royalty possibly. Tristram purchased Nantucket Island along with 9 other very famous men. It’s all very cool stuff. I have also unearthed another famous relative I will tell you about next time.  I started some seeds inside and that brings me joy. They are doing well…mostly flowers and a couple of herbs….Rosemary and Italian Basil. Here are some photos…DSC07571DSC07569


I’ve also been doing a lot of cooking on these damp rainy days we’ve had. I made this…DSC07543lasagna and then DSC07548this chicken cordon bleu….here are a couple of close-ups…..DSC07547

DSC07551 Oh my goodness….look at that cheese just oozing out! I froze a lot of this (of course) and we get many meals out of it. We always have a fresh salad every day with our meals. I am also selling marbles for my friend once again on Ebay.  Here’s a link to that….MainelyMarbles   …..that’s a lot of fun too. Well…time to make some salads!! Hope you are all doing well and you have an awesome Mother’s Day too. Hey Dawn….I thought you were going to start blogging??? I know….I know….I should talk!! I’ll be baaaaaacccckkkkkk……..Smile


Jean Merriman said...

Yup, you and Dawn are bad girls!!!
Oh well, so am I but for other reasons. Guess that is true for all of us.

Sounds like you had a really great Mother's Day and things do sound good for both of your children!

I start most all of my seeds in the house and I love it. I have hardened a dozen off and will plant them this week. Working on hardening off another dozen now. It has been so nice that I spend all day outside.

Good to see a new post from you!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a marvellous Mother's Day. All girls say they don't want kids - if you say you do with a dreamy look it puts men off!!

I'm so glad your daughter seems happy, what lovely photographs - I especially loved the look of your chicken - having dined on sausages and burgers (been camping) the last couple of days I am desperate to get back into the kitchen and cook.

Debbie said...

Jean....Thanks for your comment! I miss you and Dawn. You're such a great gardener! I haven't hardened any of mine off yet! And you are right...none of us are perfect are we? We definitely will have to have you and Dawn over this summer some time. Call me someday and leave you message if I am not home...I've lost it! Take care my friend....and hi to Dawn.
Jane...Well I think you are right about all girls saying that! For her though it had to do with coming from a divorced family...supposedly. I feel so much better knowing she wants kids. I am just dying to have grandkids! Camping huh??? I must get over there to your blog and catch up!! Thanks for coming by.:)

Eva Gallant said...

I'm glad you have a good feeling about your daughter's new realationship....mother's know best, you know!

The photos are great....the food looks mouth-watering!

Hope you are enjoying the spring-like weather we have been enjoying. (rain is part of spring, too!)

Rain said...

Debbie love your flowers! Great pics of your kiddos! Hope you're right about ur daughter! Wish I liked to cook like you-I just like to eat ! Take care have a nice week!-Rain

Rain said...

Debbie love your flowers! Great pics of your kiddos! Hope you're right about ur daughter! Wish I liked to cook like you-I just like to eat ! Take care have a nice week!-Rain

Rain said...

Debbie love your flowers! Great pics of your kiddos! Hope you're right about ur daughter! Wish I liked to cook like you-I just like to eat ! Take care have a nice week!-Rain

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post. Your daughter looks set with this nice man.AND a musician!!
Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.

Debbie said...

Eva...thanks...oh yes rain is definitely part of spring@! Good to hear from you.:)
Rain...I know there will come a day when I no longer want to cook! It happened to my mother and I am dreading it I think! But, I think if I had a husband who cooked I would be fine with it.:)
Judy...Oh yes...being a musician got him very high points immediately. She's getting older and it's time for her to get serious about relationships I think. But that's just me...I'm hoping this is the one but of course it's not up to me! Thanks DO make awesome stuff!!

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Debbie! BEAUTIFUL flowers, and a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY! Glad to hear you had a nice Mother's Day, and hope you're enjoying the holiday weekend! ~tina

vesselsmemories said...

The flowers, the plants, Mother's Day, the girlfriend and the family, the food and the blog post... I love it all! Good job, Debbie :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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