Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Falling In Line…..

Baby& pumpkins

Hello fellow bloggers! This picture is on my desktop right now. It always

makes me think of fall! It was taken in 2005 in the middle of harvesting

my garden that year. That’s my cat Baby and she still loves to hang out

on top of the picnic table and run up against the pumpkins. No tomatoes

this year though. It was the worst year I have ever had, for as long as I

have been gardening. All that heat we had this summer and me not wanting

to go out in it. For some reason I can’t take the heat anymore. It makes

me sick and very weak. I think it’s my heart meds but I’m not sure.

It might help if I lost some weight too!

We still miss Obie every day. That little guy brightened our day. Every time

we came home, without fail, he acted as if he had not seen us in a year.

Aren’t animals wonderful like that? Unconditional love. Someday we may

get another dog. Not right now. We are not ready yet. heathercatface1We have

Baby to keep us company and drive us crazy with her insistent Siamese

crying! Oh my, she tests the waters some days! Just thought I would pop in

and say hello. Not long from now, I plan on coming back and blogging at least

once a week I hope. For now I am getting the yard ready for winter, making

my son Kyle a lap blanket, crocheting, still selling marbles for my friend, and

just living life. I miss you all and will visit soon. Anybody know how Dawn is

doing? I emailed her recently but didn’t hear back? I hope she’s well. Be back

real soon…..debbie11


Rain said...

So glad to hear from you!! Love the picnic table with everything
"arranged"! Haha-- as if you can ask a kitty to do anything he/she doesn't feel like doing!! Take it slow while getting ready for our winter! Be well!!--looking forward to hearing from you over the long cold winter!!~~Rain

Debbie said... glad to hear from you! When i finally get back here, you will be first on my list of folks to visit! I am delighted to hear from you. You're blog is wonderful!

Jean Merriman said...

Hi Debbie,

Good to see you back for now anyway. Life does get in the way. I have been going to call you for a month but keep putting it off. I was really busy till about a month ago but no real excuse since then, maybe when I get off here I will just do it!!!

Dawn is doing good. Hair growning back and her energy is better. At least as far as I know. Have not talked to her for a couple of weeks. Need to call her also. I look forward to you both getting back to blogging....Jean

Debbie said...

Jean...Great to hear from you yesterday by phone!! I will be calling you shortly. So glad Dawn is doing well...I am thrilled about that and so is Alice! Can't wait to get together with you and Dawn!!

wendyytb said...

Hope that you are feeling tip top soon! I really enjoy your blog!

Anonymous said...
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