Friday, December 10, 2010

Finally Getting In The Spirit…..

I am finally getting into the spirit of Christmas.

Somewhere I found my holiday mojo?

I went out and purchased some of these….

imageAnd then I got some of

these….image And I decorated our

Maple tree outside. They were on sale at Rite aid…. 100 mini lights

in each box and they were 2 boxes for 5.00. I even bought a poinsettia!

Honestly….I ended up in a slight depression there for a bit and I was

wondering if I was going to bother even decorating. Last year we had a

gorgeous tree. The problem was it was so dry, that it shed its needles every

day and what a mess. We decided to have an artificial one this year. My father in law

Woody, showed up here a couple days ago, with a 7 foot blue mountain spruce

artificial tree!! My mother in law decorated that tree for years and it was beautiful.

She did many themes over the years. Anyway….my husband asked if he could have it

as they no longer use it and they said YES! So….it’s on my kitchen floor in a

box right now and will be decorated this weekend…..thanks to Woody and Alice!! It’s my first one and I know there is NOTHING like a REAL tree but they are getting quite expensive and some of the artificial ones are gorgeous!

image I want to apologize to all of you in blogland. I haven’t been very good

at visiting lately. I’ve been in a slump. I promise I will be back soon. Our reno is coming to an end after today.

The crown molding goes up in the dining room today, and we will stop until after the holidays. We have a wonderful Christmas

party coming up at my brothers on the 19th. We are doing an old fashioned Yankee Swap! I can’t wait. It sure is a lot less expensive

buying two gifts versus 7 or 8! image Do any of you do this? I am told a lot of people are this year.

Christmas is being held at my house this year.  It should be fun! I am on the lookout for a nice vegetarian Christmas dish for

my daughter. I am hoping to cook a spiral ham and I have some other ideas. We usually do pot luck. Here are some pictures of my “old” country themed

house before we started renovating last year at Christmas…DSC04547  Here’s my old country beam that we cut out decorated for the last time!!  DSC04555  And my snowmen….  DSC04548  and xmas cards all over my mothers hutch……

DSC04542 Kathleen’s card is in there!!!  Let’s get closer….DSC04567 And even closer….DSC04571There it is….see the pink and white one with the deer? I loved that card Kathleen!

When I look back, this year, on all of the decorating I did last year, I have a bitter-sweet feeling about it all.  You see…this was all done within 2 weeks of Christmas. A lot of the greenery I got from the woods at my husbands parents farm. I filled bags of it for myself and for Alice.  Although it dried out quickly, it was really pretty. I was having a bit of a hard time getting this all up so I asked my husband to help me with some of it. Because we ended up with a dry tree and dry greenery, we decided to take it all down the day after Christmas. I started doing just that on December 26 of last year, 4 days before my 55th birthday. While doing that, I noticed I was not feeling well. Once in the ER in Portland, I was told I was having a heart attack. So….I have an uneasy feeling about it all I guess, for no reason. It’s been a long and very different year for me….but a good one. I am very grateful to be alive this Christmas. I am going to decorate the blue spruce Alice and woody gave us and as many other areas in the house as I can and enjoy the season. Hopefully I can take down the decorations after the holiday and NOT end up in the ER this year!! I’ll be back with new pictures soon……meanwhile….enjoy the season you all!!!                    debbie2   image   





Eva Gallant said...

Wow! Lots of nice decorating there! And I love yankee swaps. We used to do that at work.

Kathleen said...

I am so happy that you are here this year, to celebrate the holiday. I know how scary it was for you last year. I can relate to a "slump". I usually don't get in the spirit till a few days before Christmas...This is an unusual year.....decorations are up and cards and shopping are all done. Minor miracle here. I love a real tree too....but our house is so dry, they just don't last, and make such a mess. I am happy with my little artificail tree. Thank you for the card....Many times I have hard time to focus, and am quite prone to depression....but you know all about that. Anyway, glad to hear your world is becoming a winter wonderland, and that you are in the groove. Love & Hugs

Lori said...

I am sure glad that you are still around because I got to meet you this past year and you are such a sweet kind giving person...your decorating looks wonderful...sounds like you have the best Dad & Mom in laws...glad that the remodeling is coming to an end for you...I pray that love, joy, peace and kindness surround you, your loved one's and your home...enjoy making merry and celebrating that you are still here! What a gift to all those that love you.

Happy weekend! XX

Elenka said...

You won't end up in the ER, as long as you take care of yourself. Remember what the doctor said!! 55, huh? I remember that.....(I'm 62, I know you asked me a while back. I don't talk about it much because when I look at it, it looks like a typo.)(I don't know how that happened...)
Anyway, cheer up! Every day that goes by is one day closer to summer in Vacationland!!!!!

Debbie said...

Eva....Glad you stopped in!!
Kathleen...Thanks my friend...Merry Christmas!
Lori...You are such a dear lady...thank you.:)
Elenka...I will remember what my doctor said starting January 1st!! Ha ha!

Lola said...

Wishing you & yours a very

decareis said...

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Hello Debbie
A Merry Christmas to you and your entire family!

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