Monday, July 20, 2009

We’re Doing It Again…….


Just a few years ago, my brother Arthur and his wife Amy, moved from our home state of Maine to Nashville, Tennessee. Arthur is the brother that always entertained the rest of us at parties and clubs. Although some of us play an instrument, none of us do it as good as him. He works hard at it. He once said to me (I play a little bit of guitar) “Debbie, you have to practice every day.” My father did that. He played that guitar every single day, just to keep in practice. Me?….I just can’t seem to find the time or the ambition to do it. Maybe that will be one of my resolutions for this coming year….but I digress. Since Art moved to Nashville, I feel like the music moved with him. There’s a big void. He carried with him, all my parents old songs and the music we grew up with, as teens and young adults. He is down there in Nashville hobnobbing with the rich and famous musicians and just bypassing us all. Heck….John Hiatt is one of his best friends! They hang out together. Last year, when Art came home, he performed at a place in Portland called The Port Hole. My entire family came and it was awesome! They are coming home the end of July and will be performing again there on August 1. We are calling it PORT HOLE 2009. My brother Arthur’s son Adam and his wife Carey, are coming too. They also live in Nashville and have the cutest little music production studio in their home. Not only do they produce music for others, they also write and perform music as a duo. The name of their band is The Sways. Here is a photo of the two of them.


This is them at their studio a few years ago. Isn’t it cute? Sways In Studio I am so proud of them both and can’t wait to see them. I will be sure to take photos to share with you all. Until then, here are a few from last year…..Port Hole 2008!!

carriesings3 deckporthole vacation 139

stageporthole1 stageporthole2 And then a lady showed up with fake diamond rings for all the girls that looked to be about 10 carats and wigs! Crazy I know. Who do you think ended up with one of those wigs on??? NO!! NOT ME!!….It was my darling daughter Carissa…..vacation 338 who turned into someone I didn’t recognize. She had a lot of fun. So…if you are from Maine and you aren’t doing anything on August 1, stop by Port Hole 2009 down off Commercial street in Portland from 8:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. and join in the fun. My brother has some surprises this year. Some he shared with me and some he won’t, telling me that’s why they call them SURPRISES DEBBIE!!


Tammy said...

Wish I lived in Maine...looks like a lot of fun.
My husband took up guitar about 4 years ago and he does practice every day...he says he wants to go to Dollywood (Smokey Mts) when he retires and play in one of those bands there.

Enjoying your blog!☺

Anonymous said...

... This is a "can't-be-topped" blog, Debbie! Great inserts and text! Absolutely at your best, dear friend!
I'm looking forward to being there w/all of you and will pray (please, all of us) that there'll be no rain and conditions will be perfect and among the attendees, a contract from a visiting musical videos executives! The more; the merrier! How about some media coverage? The Landrys are primo entertainers!
How about Debbie giving us a "Sophie Tucker" song like her mother, Lydia, used to when her father, Paul Landry had his band and both delighted audiences, young and old, with their music! It is genetic!
Much love ... Mother-in-law - AliceMary

Elenka said...

Wow, sounds like you guys have something wonderful to look forward to. I hope the weather is perfect on that day! (Not like today...)

Kathleen said...

Debbie, it sounds like a great time for all. How nice it will be for you to see your brother, and his family. I hope you kick up your heels, get down and have a rockin' night! Hugs, Kathleen

Debbie said...

Tammy:....I wish you lived in Maine too and could be here! I love your husbands dream...mine has been a similar one all my life but never came to truition!

GeeGee:...Hello my friend and thanks for the kind words! I am so excited that you and Woody will be there!! Oh no...I won't be singing. It is all set up with key songs rehearsed just for that night. The band wouldn't know what to do with me and the young people that come would never know any of those old songs! You'll see...we are not the only ones that's open to the public too. That is always a consideration I guess.:)

Elenka:....You should come!!! You are right there in Portland! It would be great to meet you Elenka! Oh gosh...we hope the weather is good too so we can be out on the wharf and smelling that ocean!

Kathleen:....Thanks my friend...we are sooo looking forward to it. Hey...come on down and join us! Why not? A little mini vacation in southern vacationland!! Do it! I am hoping Dawn comes but I am not sure if she can yet.

Dawn said...

Hi Debbie, Boy! It feels like I haven't been here in forever. This sounds like so much fun. Hubby is from a musical family, The Ridge Riders, I think. Awhile back now. Ya think I could get him to sing Karoke?! Mr Clapton's "you look wonderful tonight" is a favorite of mine that he sing to me every once in a while. No, no more public singing for him :( I think you should get up there and sing your stuff! I don't have a brother but father and son must be very talented and so nice they come up here and perform. How can anyone top Carrisa dressing in "code?" Letting us all know we need to shot for the biger gems!
Ugh, raining again tonight. Goodness...

Dawn said...

That would be "shoot for the bigger gem." WAKE-UP! Dawn

Smart Mouth Broad said...

How wonderful to have musically talented people in the family. Have a fabulous time.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Debbbie, thank you for adding me to your prayer list! I had to laugh and it so suited you to have a long list of cats and doggies you are praying for! I have heard you are having rain. I am still hoping to be on the plane on August 6th! So far we are not cancelling. I do hope we can make it! I am just still so weak and have more tests coming and that is my only concern. Take care, Debbie and thanks again! :)

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