Saturday, June 30, 2012


   Hello all of you wonderful blogger people!! I have been a bad, bad, blogger this spring/beginning of summer. There actually have been a lot of things going on in my life. I don’t think I can catch up on my life in one blog so I will try to do a quick synopsis. Smile

   For the first time in years I did NOT plant a garden. At first it felt very strange and so sad. It’s been a part of my life and summer/fall for years and I so enjoy it. I was diagnosed with severe arthritis in my lower back so I decided to give it a break this year. After envying every single garden I passed while driving for weeks, I finally realized it was ok. I can have a garden next year!! What a relief when I let that go! So….in honor of my gardens from the past and gardens in my future, here is a photo or two from some of them.DSC04818DSC04898There! Now I feel better! Ha! Well….we have been busy beavers anyway. There was a surprise 30th birthday party for my daughter Carissa at the GLB (Great Lost Bear) in Portland recently. She was completely blown away with surprise!! Here are some photos….cake still funny

carissa & friendscarissa arrivesjamie's bluegrass band puddinheadYup….that’s the new boyfriend Jamie and his bluegrass band playing for the event…..they’re good!Jamie you keep good secrets “Oh Jamie!! You can really keep a secret!!”….she was saying! It was a blast.

This all happened a little over two weeks ago. I had been sick a couple of days before. Little did I know that after I got home from that party I would end up at Brighton Quick Care with a positive reading of Strep Throat! I got some terrible side effects from the penicillin they gave me for it. The first day I used Immodium AD and it worked for 4 days and then just stopped. I spent the next 4 days almost entirely in bed and the bathroom and bleeding and bleeding. I got dehydrated and my electrolytes were so off I was sensitive to light and sound and really could just sleep. My husband took me into emergency. They gave me two IV’s of saline and did blood tests…..gosh I didn’t think I had any left?  I had to follow up with my doc the next day and I did. I lost 7 pounds that week….just couldn’t eat….I had already been dieting and had lost 11 so my total now is 18. I really did NOT want to lose weight that way! What a nightmare. So….the result was I had a severe allergic reaction to Penicillin and now that will be added to my allergy list which is growing@!! It felt good to be back among the living again. I was a very sick puppy….now a healthy one! Ok….so that’s enough updating for now. I am still selling marbles on Ebay and now antiques for a friend (soon) . We are invited to many parties coming up in July and August and looking forward to that. It’s been a very strange summer without our little Obie.obie1  I miss him so much. Someday we will get another dog…..Bobbie is just not ready yet…..I am….but we’ll wait. Hope all of you are having a wonderful summer so far and you are enjoying your vegetable and flower gardens!! I would love to hear about them!! I am no longer jealous of you all!!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha……I just want to know if you can produce sexy carrots like I did a few years ago like these…..!!!carrotlovers3CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??????????????????????????????

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