Thursday, November 10, 2011

What Wonderful Weather In Maine….

We are experiencing some wonderful weather here in Maine.

Most days it feels like summer with temperatures reaching the 60’s.

It’s really very strange. Some mornings I need to scrape my windshield before I head out.

By mid afternoon it’s hot. I take a coat with me, and then peel it off later on in the day!!

One thing is for sure, we are saving on fuel and that’s a plus.

It’s November 10th and my husband plans on mowing the lawn this weekend!!!

gardener_push_mower_lg_clr     I have some health issues I will hopefully be getting to the bottom of

tomorrow. I have to have a sonogram. Will know more then. I can’t seem to get back here

much lately but sure am going to try. My mother in law Alice and I took a wonderful trip

to Harpswell, Maine to see Dawn from the blogs and finally meet her mom Jean!! We had a

lot of fun! What a wonderful lady Jean is and we met her husband David too who was

delightful. Jean is quite the cook. She had prepared a wonderful meal for us that was to die

for. Soon, Alice and I would love to have she and Dawn up our way! Dawn looks fantastic

and seems to have come out of all she went through fine. She’s a tough lady. It was great to see her.

If I don’t get back here, I wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and

am hoping you are all well. I think I may be back though… least I will give it a good try….

and get over to your blogs as well……take care….debbie2

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