Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot… Summer So Far….

Hey are any of you sick of this heat yet? I know there are a few of you that just adore this weather!

That is very foreign to me. I absolutely hate it. My favorite time of year is the fall. It’s when I come alive.

I can barely get to my garden without passing out. Of course it is suffering because of it. It has strange

looking bugs and some of my plants have damage from the bugs. It has been an unusual year for heat in Maine

That being said, bring on FALL!!! I am ready.~~~

My brother Art and sister in law Amy are headed home from Nashville on the 7th of August. One of the

things that we have planned together is to do a tribute to my parents on a radio station in our home town

of Yarmouth. The radio station is owned by a family friend. His name is Gary King. My father used to give him

banjo lessons. Gary plays a mean banjo amongst many other instruments and has an absolute love for old music.

Here’s a link to his website…..WYAR . Of course the YAR stands for Yarmouth….but you already figured that out!

We have a little intro regarding my folks and my brother will sing a couple of wonderful old songs my folks used to do.

My mothers specialties were Five Foot Two and Bill Bailey. That’s probably what we’ll sing. We also have a recording of

them from years ago. Should be fun.

I have harvested some beautiful gold zucchini and regular green already. That gold zucchini is soooooo bright yellow!!

I will get some photos of it. My spaghetti squash is coming along great. I planted everything too close I guess this year.

Hard to get to but plenty of produce! First year without tomatoes…never got to it. I don’t miss the tomato hornworm!

Just look at how disgusting that bug is……. Nope…not missed a bit.

image imageimage This is my new problem. I just looked it up

on Google for the first time….now I know what I am dealing with…..the squash bug…..more on that when I figure out how to deal with them!!!

Stay cool everyone!!! ~~~~

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