Friday, April 20, 2012

Moving Along into Spring….


Here are my friends that came every week for a couple of months to our book club. This was our last night. Remember I told you I made them each their own pincushions with names embroidered on them and I would show you? Well I only got a photo of one! Yikes…that’s the story of my life lately. We had a wonderful meal first. I made spaghetti and meatballs and one of the girls brought salad, and another bread with herbal dipping oil, another refreshments, and another a carrot cake from Trader Joes to die for!! We all had a tiny sliver of that for sure. Here are their bags I had ready for them….droptherockgifts1I made little tags and tied them on with embroidery thread.droptherockgifts2 One of the Mary’s couldn’t make it so I snapped a photo of her pincushion before she came after it and that was the only one I got!MaryB'sgift2

MaryB's gift1

MaryB'sgift3Here last name has the word feather in it…..that’s why the feather was stuck in there. Here favorite colors were hot pink and gold….not the greatest job but she loved it.

And then…much to my surprise, my friend Natasha, on behalf of all the women, made me an awesome gift and presented it to me!! She is just starting to work with stained glass, creating some beautiful pieces already. She had asked me a while back what my favorite colors were and I told her purples and greens. So….with that in mind, she made me this….mygift1

mygift2Isn’t it gorgeous??? My heart was full that day…………..

It hangs in that very window behind it in the above photo and looks AWESOME!!




See you soon……Img43

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hoping For Laid Back Easter….

I really don’t care for peeps too much but these look delicious to me….must be the colors? All lined up nice and neat and posing for the camera!! Smile

I cannot get the font to work right so whatever this plain font is, will have to do. This is the first year in many, many years, that we will not have a full house for Easter, and that’s ok. We always have the entire family or we go to their place.  My son,  who moved to Portland about a year ago (for good this time!) will be here. He will be bringing his new girlfriend of almost 3 weeks, Meaghan, with him and her 8 year old daughter Kaylin….I am not sure how to spell that? She is not completely new to our family. She and Kyle grew up together. They both had crushes on each other all these years but never said anything! How cute huh?  They will be picking up my daughter Carissa and my grand dog Piper and then making the rounds. After they drop my daughter off here, Kyle and Meaghan will go to her family’s home up the road for dinner. Back here for dessert and games and fun and then off to Kyle and Carissa’s dad’s house in Yarmouth. That will be a full day for the kids. I’ll get some photos to share with you. Kyle tells me she’s beautiful. I haven’t seen her in years but I am sure she is. It’s a good feeling knowing your kids are happy. On the other hand, my daughter just broke up with her boyfriend Seth.

photoThis is a photo of (oh NOW the font wants to work??) oh well….what I was saying was…here is a photo of Seth above left, my brother Art  in center who (lives in Nashville) and my daughter Carissa on the right. Kind of a cool dude….got the dreads and the Bob Marley thing going on but I knew he wasn’t for her. So….we’ll see what happens next. Honestly I hope she meets her life partner soon! She never reads this so don’t worry! What do you do with all those old photos of the boyfriends?? You all have a wonderful Easter and I will see you back here after the holiday. God bless……

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Back to Normal….Whatever that is?

Well….since I last wrote, winter is back. We got snow and then it melted and more snow and more of the same. There were a couple days of warmer weather but it didn’t last. Back to “normal” for this time of year the news says. Frankly, for a little while I was enjoying being back to “normal” because it is what felt right to me. Now…I’ve had enough of NORMAL and am ready for that warm weather. A bit schizophrenic of me….I know. That’s what happens to some of us New Englanders when things are not “normal”….whatever the heck that is? Easter1

I am heading into a very busy couple of weeks. April 4th is my husbands 51st birthday….yes….I married a younger man…doesn’t everyone? I am 57. Sometimes I am 7 years older and sometimes 6 years older….I prefer 6!! My sister in law Maryellen’s birthday is April 6th. Easter is on the 8th. My mother in law Alice turns 80 on the 9th. My cousin Margaret, whom we just lost recently, would have been 82 or 83 on the 11th. We are having a memorial for her on that very day (her birthday) at the Sacred Heart Catholic church in my home town. That was the church I attended, my entire young adult life. I loved that beautiful stone church.

Those wonderful red doors were always so inviting. The doors were never locked. As a teenager I would go in there and pray….all alone. Today, I think they lock the doors.

And after the 11th, we have a bit of a break. Then we have April vacation to look forward to. I have been making regular sized pincushions for my group of ladies that come to my house on Thursdays. I asked each of them what their favorite colors were and used that as a guide. I’ve finished 4 and am working on #5. Each one has their name embroidered on it. I had two Mary’s….a Julie…a Holly and a Natasha to embroider. Of course the Natasha was the hardest, being the longest name! They are kind of cute if I must say so myself. Not perfect by any means but cute.Smile I will take some pictures when the 5th one is done and share with you. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and I will try to get back with photos of Easter and everything else soon…..easter3


See you soon……mona72

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